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Refurbishing a 1964 Ampeg guitar amp

Issue 239 March 26, 2015

Over fifty years, this amp’s seen a lot of gigs and garages. Dan Erlewine’s fixing it up for a friend who wants to play it again. While the amp’s out for repair, Dan patches the torn up blue diamond tolex.
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About the amp in this video: This 1964 Ampeg Gemini II is 30 watts into a single 15. Dan used to gig through this same model after seeing BB King using it in a small club in 1967.

blankIn this Trade Secrets video:
  • checkmarkBlast from the past: Dan saw BB King playing this model in the Sixties
  • checkmarkHow to get the grime out of textured tolex
  • checkmarkTrimming away old tolex and cleaning the plywood
  • checkmarkGluing the replacement patches

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