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Trade Secrets!

My friend Carl's bridge gluing tips

Issue 234 January 15, 2015

From Dan Erlewine: “My friend Sui Keung Ho aka Carl, was visiting from Hong Kong, and spent a couple days in my shop. I was making this Trade Secret about gluing a bridge, and Carl chipped in with an additional tip. Thanks, Carl!”
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About the guitar in this video: Back in the day, the owner of this 1950s Vega flattop played it all over Ohio. Bob’s band opened for stars like Roy Acuff and Ernest Tubb — pretty high stakes for a guitar picker!

blankIn this Trade Secrets video:
  • checkmarkUsing a wooden caul on an Ibex clamp
  • checkmarkAlternative: Modifying that Ibex clamp
  • checkmarkAnother alternative! Carl’s mod to our Bridge Clamping Caul

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