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Michi Matsuda's gunpowder scorched guitar

Issue 201 October 10, 2013

West/East concept guitar: Michihiro Matsuda taught guitar design at Galloup Guitars' Northwoods Guitar Seminar in August. We were lucky enough to get this video as Bryan Galloup interviewed Michi about his unique gunpowder scorching.
Trouble viewing video? View it on YouTube

Extra video for our Japanese friends: Michi describes his concept guitar at the Northwoods Seminar (speaking in Japanese).
Trouble viewing video? View it on YouTube

blankIn this Trade Secrets video:
  • checkmarkBryan Galloup interviews Michihiro Matsuda
  • checkmarkScorched finish achieved with gunpowder instead of hot irons
  • checkmarkMichi's finishing technique tests his shop's smoke alarms!
  • checkmarkCloseups of the extraordinary detail of Michi's work

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