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Trade Secrets!

Making a glue scraper/saw

Issue 209 January 30, 2014

Dan Erlewine went to the Columbus Guitar Show to sell some fixer-uppers. Nobody bought this beautiful 1930s Kay Deluxe; its neck joint problem must have seemed like too much work. The guitar came back home and volunteered for this Trade Secret about making a tiny saw for cleaning old glue joints!
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About the guitar in this video: This 1930s Kay Deluxe has an usual design for an adjustable neck angle. Dan shows how it works on this video.

blankIn this Trade Secrets video:
  • checkmarkCrumbling old glue joints that have given up the ghost
  • checkmarkHow to make a thin, sharp glue remover from a razor saw
  • checkmarkDrywall sanding screen is a good option, too
  • checkmark1930s Kay Deluxe: a very clever neck joint!

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