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Trade Secrets!

Trade Secrets!

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Watch the Trade Secrets Video, Regluing a Rickenbacker fretboard
Online video available
Issue 247 July 30, 2015
Regluing a Rickenbacker fretboard
Did you know you can tap the truss rods right out of a Rickenbacker neck? Erick Coleman shows how, and he removes the fingerboard from a troubled RIC guitar neck using a household iron!
Watch the Trade Secrets Video, Building upbow into the guitar neck
Online video available
Issue 226 September 25, 2014
Building upbow into the guitar neck
If you turn the truss rod and nothing happens, the trouble could have been built into the neck at the factory. The time to avoid it is when you glue on the fingerboard. Dan Erlewine shows how to fix this problem before it happens.

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