Flame Black Walnut Laminated Top - 017

  • WJN5QE|017
  • Juglans nigra
  • Unsanded
  • Electric
Flame Black Walnut Laminated Top - 017
Flame Black Walnut Laminated Top Item # WJN5QE|017
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Flame Black Walnut Laminated Top, Unsanded - 017

Black Walnut is a beautiful, moderately priced domestic hardwood great for any type of instrument.

Minimum Dimensions: 19" x 6-1/2" x 0.190" (483mm x 165mm x 4.8mm)

Black Walnut, Juglans nigra
Found all throughout the eastern United States, Black Walnut is one of the few North American species that can compete toe-to-toe with more exotic hardwoods, both visually and tonally.

For decades, it's been a go-to favorite for boutique bass builders and has recently been growing in popularity with electric guitar builders as well. It is generally medium brown to dark chocolate in color, often with hints of gray or purple. Figure in black walnut ranges from mild to wild. However, the figure in the unfinished lumber is often subtle and sometimes hard to see, but explodes under finish.

Black walnut is very easy to work both by hand or by machine and bends particularly easy. When present its sapwood is a smooth, creamy white.


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