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Birdseye Maple Back + Side Set, Sanded - 008

Birdseye Maple Back + Side Set, Sanded - 008

  • Item # WAHWBD-008
  • Acer saccharum
  • Dreadnought
  • Thickness sanded


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Birdseye Maple Back + Side Set, Sanded - 008

About This Item

Birdseye Maple offers a bright and distinct tonal range with good projection.

    Minimum Dimensions
  • Back halves: 8-1/4" x 22" x 0.115" (210mm x 559mm x 2.9mm)
  • Sides: 5" x 31-1/2" x 0.090" (127mm x 800mm x 2.3mm)

Birdseye Maple, Acer Saccharum

Birdseye Maple is harvested throughout the northeastern United States. Although more well known for its use in electric guitars, boutique acoustic guitar builders have been using it with success for decades. It’s incredibly dense, strong, and stiff.

Birdseye Maple imparts of very bright tone, with particularly good note separation and above average projection. While its tight low-end certainly lacks the harmonic complexity of Rosewood, its clarity does well to cut through the noise of other instruments. Birdseye Maple has a fundamental tone that is targeted, clear, and specific.

While its incredible figure can sometimes make Birdseye Maple a challenge to bend, it otherwise works well whether by hand or by machine.

Colors range from creamy pale white to light reddish brown, with occasional brown or black streaks or flecks. Once finished it is among the most beautiful North American timbers available.

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