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StewMac offers the widest range of high quality products for building and repairing stringed instruments. For half a century, our 100% guarantee has built trust with our customers. They depend on us for friendly, accurate help with all questions about lutherie.

Shop the most popular brands of guitar parts and hardware, pickups and electronics, luthier tools, and more. StewMac is your #1 source for guitar repair, hot rodding, building, and modifying guitars and stringed instruments!

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  • ClassicTone Universal Power Transformer for Fender Princeton Reverb

    ClassicTone Universal Power Transformer for Fender Princeton Reverb

    Hear what your amp is missing
    Want better tone and feel from your amp? Upgrade your power transformer.

  • Metal Film Resistors

    Metal Film Resistors

    When you want the best for your amp
    Upgrade your amp with the best sounding, most reliable, and highest quality parts available.

  • Waverly Black Bridge Pins

    Waverly Black Bridge Pins

    Hand-turned, vintage style.
    High quality, precisely machined bridge pins with no mold lines.

    from $7.12
  • Waverly Black Endpin

    Waverly Black Endpin

    Why settle for low quality endpins?
    Upgrade your guitar with a finely hand-crafted endpin to match our bridge pins.

    from $3.86
  • Tung-Sol 7189 Power Tube

    Tung-Sol 7189 Power Tube

    A new voice for your EL84 amp
    The Tung-Sol 7189 Power Tube is a super premium tube that adds versatility to your EL84 amp. It's designed to handle higher plate voltages, which gives your amp more headroom and clarity. If you find that your amp is breaking up too fast, this is the tube upgrade for you. You'll also experience better performance and reliability, essential for gigging.

    from $29.95