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Wilkinson Modern-T Guitar Kit

Wilkinson Modern-T Guitar Kit

Wilkinson Modern-T Guitar Kit Maple Fretboard

Maple Fretboard

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Wilkinson Modern-T Guitar Kit Rosewood Fretboard

Rosewood Fretboard

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Wilkinson Modern-T Kit, Maple Fretboard + Complete Building Set

Wilkinson Modern-T Kit, Maple Fretboard + Complete Building Set

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Wilkinson Modern-T Guitar Kit

About This Item

Vintage tones with modern playability
This modern take on the Tele has the classic look, but all of the playability you love in a modern instrument. From legendary designer Trev Wilkinson, these are some of the highest quality electric guitar kits available today.

If you want to build a Tele with a high performance twist, this is the kit for you. Wilkinson took the best bits of the classic design, but supercharged every part for truly game changing tone and playability. With top quality woods, professional-grade pickups, and amazing craftsmanship, building your new favorite guitar is within your grasp.

New to building? Save hundreds with our Complete Building Set
We've taken care of everything. Get the kit together with all the tools and supplies to completely build and fully finish your new guitar. See set details below.

Upgraded for today's player
Wilkinson kept the traditional Tele looks, but made thoughtful improvements to this revered model. The thinner neck is a fast shape, and the 10" radius is much more comfortable to play. The larger frets make bending and vibrato a breeze. Also, the truss rod adjustment is at the headstock, making setups easier. No one likes taking off a neck for just a simple tweak.

The heart of the kit is the premium grain-matched center joined 2-piece body. The routing is crisp and clean, and the wood is smooth and ready to finish. With our series of ColorTone Lacquers and Finishes, you can make it look exactly like you've always pictured it.

The Maple neck right out of the box feels smooth and fits tight in the pocket. It's pre-fretted, inlayed, and ready of fine tune to your perfect shape. The peghead has a very familiar shape—it's ready for you to customize and dial in the exact curves and contours to match any vintage model you feel inspired by.

Custom pickups and pro parts
Each and every electronic component is totally upgraded. Wilkinson's custom wound WVTN and WVTB pickups are hooked up with premium wiring and professional-grade CTS pots and CRL switch. These vintage-voiced Alnico V pickups have captured the biting tone of 50s and 60s Teles perfectly. The switch and pots are completely pre-wired, saving you hours of work.

Vintage hardware with modern playability
The hardware upgrades are where this kit really shines. The bridge is Wilkinson's take on the original Tele bridge, with traditional brass saddles. The saddles are staggered so your guitar will actually play in tune (try that with any original Tele!). Just like the originals, the bridge is steel which fundamentally changes how the pickups and the entire guitar sounds. The Graph Tech nut and sealed diecast tuners keep the guitar in tune even with deep blues bends.

    Your kit includes everything you'll need:
  • Finely sanded 2-piece center joined Alder body
  • Neck pocket, pickup cavities and bridge holes routed and drilled
  • Shaped Maple neck with installed truss rod
  • 25.5" (647mm) scale length, 10" radius
  • One piece modern profile neck with Maple or Rosewood fingerboard
  • 22 jumbo size frets and traditional dot inlays
  • Shaped peghead, ready to customize
  • Pre-slotted Graph Tech nut for perfect action
  • Modern diecast tuners
  • Wilkinson WTB bridge
  • 3-ply aged white/black/aged white pickguard
  • Wilkinson WVTN neck pickup and WVTB bridge pickup
  • Pre-wired 3-way CRL switch and 250K CTS potentiometers
  • Output jack, premium wire, premium capacitors
  • Traditional chrome knobs
  • Adjustment wrenches

Get started NOW!
We put together the ultimate set so you can finish your build with ease. We've included all of the specialty tools, professional sandpapers, finishing supplies, and polishing compounds you’ll need to get a beautiful, amazing playing and sounding guitar.

Perfect for first time or pro builders
This kit is a blast to build. You won't have to spend hours sanding to get the feel you want—all of the hard work is already done. If you're a beginner, you'll love that everything fits together with no surprises or tricky skills needed. If you're an old pro, you'll appreciate that nothing needs to be upgraded or replaced. You'll have a ready to play factory-level guitar as soon as you install the last screw.

Wilkinson provides instructions and our highly knowledgeable staff of guitar techs are always ready to answer any questions. Download your instructions now!

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



Product Instructions

Wilkinson Guitar Kit Instructions

Get ready to build your dream guitar!

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Can’t go wrong with this kit


Verified Buyer

Built both the Modern-T and Modern-S. No frustrations building the Modern-T. The neck was almost perfect out of the box. The routing and pre-drilled holes are dead on. The neck pocket was a bit loose fit with the neck. The numbers on the neck and body did not match. But it did not matter with the bolt on neck fitting straight and secure. Sounds great and is easy to play up and down the neck. The wood is good quality and the grain popped with one coat of aged clear.


Right on the money!


Verified Buyer

This kit was a joy to put together. For a first time builder, I would recommend it to anyone wanting to dive into the guitar kit waters. Everything was spot on and fit together very nice. The Wilkinson electronics are much better than so many other combinations I have had to replaced in other guitars. Good solid wiring and the pickups have a nice crisp sound. For anybody that wants to give this, or any other of the Wilkinson kits a try, I say go for it!!!


Pretty good... but for the price, would have expected it to be more precise


Verified Buyer

Generally good construction, but the cavity for the bridge pickup was off-center (which sadly I didn't realize until more than half-way through the project...). Ended up buying a slightly wider bridge (Gotoh Modern Bridge) to cover up the gap


Best DYI guitar kit


Verified Buyer

I've been playing guitar for about 60 years, so I know a few things about guitars: good ones and not so good ones. I've been staying inside and not going out because of the Coronavirus, so I decided to build a guitar kit to help with my boredom. After checking out all the kits made by different manufacturers, I decided on the Stewmac Wilkinson modern Telecaster kit. it's more expensive than the other kits, but it's well worth the extra cost in my opinion. Because of the Wilkinson parts, it's a quality kit; which means you won't have to upgrade with better pickups, bridge, tuners, or electronic parts like potentiometers, etc. I'm a firm believer in 'you get what you pay for', and this kit is a perfect example of that. The neck is perfect, with good, well dressed frets, the body is well made, and the neck and body are matched to each other. This is a great kit, and makes a really good axe to gig and record with.


Wilkinson MTE MM


Verified Buyer

This was my first electric guitar build. Made in India. Everything fit and the hardware looked high quality. Instructions were straight forward for the most part. I stained the body with Red Mahogany Minwax and finished with Tru Oil. Couple issues: the nut supplied with the kit may have been made for a neck that had much lower frets.I had to shim under the nut with a cut up calling card to eliminate fret buss on the first fret.. Did not need the nut-slotting files. Ordered a bone nut so glad I have them. Also the instructions say to set the neck pickup hieght as shown before installing the pick guard. Later in the instructions it shows measuring that height with the pick guard installed. The instructions also state to install the pick guard after installing the neck pickup and before the strings. Need the strings and the neck to set height but can not do it with the pickguard installed. With a 22 fret tele neck one needs to take the neck off to install the pickguard.Wisely the instructions state to use the strings with the kit for set up and replace them with good ones later. One will be taking them on and off. In any event one gets to know the making of the instrument well. The kit comes with a 5 hole pick guard but fortunately supplies 8 screws so one can install an eight hole pickguard since the 5 hole pick guard tends to buckle. Internet will show one where to put the string tree. Instuctions were silent on that. All in all a great learning experience.

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