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Build a pedal kit
It's never been a better time to try your first pedal build. It's easy, anyone can do it! No experience required!

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StewMac Swell Drive Pedal Kit

The rarest pedal of them all?

Now the Boss Slow Gear returns with this faithful tribute.

Pre-wired Harness

It's like three pedals in one!

This pedal kit has 3 completely different and infinitely tweakable trem sounds from vintage shimmer to modern helicopter.


The secret weapon of a blues god

Based off the mid-boost circuit in the Eric Clapton Stratocaster, this pedal kit will add endless variation to your tone.

Internal Fuzz

Octave and Fuzz all one box

This pedal has a totally unique sound that unlocks new tones from any guitar or bass.

PC Board Holder

Make delicate jobs easy

Free your hands and keep your work locked in place—you'll get better results on every pedal you build.

Emerson Custom Pedalboard

Make your pedals ready for the road

Finally get your prized pedals off the floor and stop tripping over cables.

Build a ukulele


Building a ukulele is the perfect first build. It's easy, fun to play, and you don't need any woodworking experience at all.

Fretting Step by Step
Uke Kits

Over 8 models to choose from!

Ukuleles make a great place to start if you're a new builder looking for that first project.

Mini Clamps

Simple clamps make it easy

You don't need complicated tools to build a uke, just some small clamps to make sure everything is held tight.

Fret Erasers

More than just good glue

Using the right glue will help your build stand the test of time and sound its best.

Luthier file set

Luthier’s file set

These handy files have the right size and perfect teeth for shaping nuts, saddles, and even fine neck shaping.

ColorTone Liquid Stain

Make it any color you want.

Our team of expert finishers made these custom stains in over 20 colors—it's easy to find the perfect color for your build.

Clamping Bands

Simple and effective

Super strong and flexible rubber bands are perfect for getting a tight squeeze on acoustic bodies without any special equipment at all.

Fixing Rough Frets

Here's how to tame those rough fret ends.

Rough fret ends, known as "fret sprout", makes a guitar uncomfortable to play. You don't need to take it to a shop—fix it yourself in about an hour.

Rough Fret Ends
Rough Fret Ends Video
Change your pickups

change your pickups

It's easier than you think to swap your pickups. With just a handful of tools, you can change your tone in an afternoon.

Change your pickups
We are your source for pickups. Humbuckers, single coils, P90s, active, passive, we'll help you find the tone you've been looking for.
Find your tone
Gibson and Fender Pickups

Top brands like Gibson and Fender

We have the pickups straight from the source. If you're looking for a vintage-correct sound, here's where to start.

Seymour Duncan Pickups

Pickups from the master: Seymour Duncan

From humbuckers to single coils and P90s, Duncan's pickups are used by some of the best players in the world.

Golden Age Pickups

Made just like the originals

Vintage correct from materials to tone, our Golden Age pickups have the raw vintage sound that created rock and roll.

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