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Floyd Rose FRX Surface-mount Tremolo System

Floyd Rose FRX Surface-mount Tremolo System

Floyd Rose FRX Surface-mount Tremolo System Chrome


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Floyd Rose FRX Surface-mount Tremolo System Black


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Floyd Rose FRX Surface-mount Tremolo System

About This Item

Surface-mount means no routing!
Floyd Rose continues its legacy of innovation with the brand new surface-mounting FRX Tremolo System for Les Paul, SG, and Flying V-style guitars.

The FRX is a direct swap for the Tune-o-matic and stopbar type bridge system, using the existing mounting stud holes and requiring no routing whatsoever. The locking nut mounts behind your guitar's existing nut, in place of the truss rod cover.

The FRX locking nut has mounting holes on the left and right; only two wood screws have to be installed to mount the nut.

Floyd Rose FRX Surface-mount Tremolo System includes:
Locking nut with mounting screws
Mounting studs for 5/16-24 threaded bushings
Mounting studs for M8 x 1.25 threaded bushings
Allen wrenches

NOTE: On some Les Pauls, particularly LP Customs, the neck angle is not sufficient to allow the FRX to work without slight modification to the body. The receiving portion of the spring tension transfer rod on the baseplate extends slightly below the bridge and may rest on the body unless a tiny channel is routed.

Please check the bridge measurements before purchasing or attempting installation. Some TOM-style bridges have slight dimensional differences.

For tremolo dimensions please see the PDF here.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Great quality and look, but disappointing lapse!


Verified Buyer

It really looks and functioning great and I'd not expect anything else from original FR system. BUT! It is designed only with the idea to replace existing Tune-o-matic bridges. I bought it for a new instrument and immediately missed the treaded bushings for the supporting studs. Yes, there are only two types of studs in the set, but somebody missed the idea that this brilliant machinery could be more flexibly used if add bushings too. It is not addressed to StewMac, of coarse, but to Floyd Rose team. If they don't fix this issue StewMac could simply sell a set of bushings together with this type of tremolo.


Magnificent Tremolo!


I have the gold FRX which adds class to my Cherry SG Standard (see photo). This was easy to install after watching Floyd's YouTube video on how to install & drill. He installs a chrome FRX onto a Black SG Standard. The only thing challenging is setting the intonation which is the same method as the thru-body Floyd Rose. It takes some patience but pays off. Floyd was brilliant in adding the Trem Stop Thumb Screw which allows only dives and prevents trem movement if you heavily rest your arm on the tremolo to palm-mute. Then, if you lower the Trem Stop, you have full range of raising the arm. Also, a nice addition is the Trem Stable Ball Post which is near the Thumb Screw and this allows you to adjust the sensitivity during tremolo action. You also have 2 screws that can be adjusted to stabilize the arm out of your way or leaving it loose for fast trem action. Finally, don't forget to buy the allen wrench holder which comes in chrome or gold that holds 2 wrenches & installs on the back of the headstock for fast access!...


Floyd Rose nailed it ...


This is a very nice looking, and quite ingenious, tremolo system that provides exquisite control and adjustability. It was very simple to install and didn't add much weight to the guitar. Once I understood the mechanism, setting it up and getting everything "just so" was a breeze. Floyd Rose has a video on YouTube showing how to set up and adjust the FRX and that sped up my learning curve quite a bit. I'm not using the part that "locks" the tremolo at zero because I use very light tremolo in my playing and the détente mechanism was "getting in the way"; however, I can understand how it would be valuable to a "dive bomber" type player. Mine came with an improperly drilled hole in the G string saddle which restricted the fine tuning action of that string. Floyd Rose sent me six new saddles to repair the unit but it took quite awhile. I suppose with Christmas and Winter NAMM in the calendar mix a small company could get overwhelmed. I've had a Floyd Rose 2 on my Fender Strat for twenty years and now the FRX on my Gibson Les Paul for a couple of months and I can tell you that both are easy to tune and they both stay in tune very well. If you want a tremolo system for your Les Paul and don't want to go the rout route then this is for you; I highly recommend it.


Interesting; Not Perfect


I bought the Floyd Rose FRX for a new build; not for retrofitting a Les Paul. I was interested in a trem bridge that would not require routing. The FRX has less impact on tone and sustain than do traditional trem bridges, the springs for which absorb string vibration in a bad way. The FRX is stable and smooth, with a satisfyingly thick arm. The one glaring problem with my FRX is that the micro-tuner for the low E string won't hold. It unscrews as the string vibrates, dropping the pitch and forcing me to retune about every 5 minutes.


Great for guitars built with standard bridges


Verified Buyer

Works just like a regular Floyd system...even when trying to tune or adjust!!! I feel it is better than the old Wonder bar system though! I was actually able to put it on an Epiphone, (comes with both bridge screw sizes) because I didn't want to ruin my Gibson Les Paul head!