African Mahogany Back + Side Set for Dreadnought Guitar

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African Mahogany Back + Side Set for Dreadnought Guitar

A fantastic sounding wood, African Mahogany has earned its place among the classic tonewoods. It has the warm Mahogany tone and look we all love at an incredible price.

About African Mahogany, Khaya spp.
Also called Khaya, African Mahogany creates a guitar with a warm tone and remarkable clarity.  Compared to Honduran Mahogany, builders like Takamine say it's "..simply remarkable! Tonally, it is unbelievably similar. The visual look of Khaya is nearly indistinguishable from (Honduran) Mahogany". We've photographed a representative sample to show the natural variation of our stock. 

It shares many of the same sonic characteristics of Honduran Mahogany, like a balanced midrange and deep bass response. Its versatile sound compliments any top wood. Due to its density, African Mahogany has a strong fundamental with increased overtones.

It's also prized for its striking ribbon figure which we find in some sets. The subtle curl runs parallel to the grain and sets it apart from standard Mahogany. The reddish-brown coloring will make a beautiful guitar with either a solid or translucent finish. It's an open pore wood, and requires filler to level the grain.

Each set is bookmatched and includes two halves and matched sides. When joined, they are large enough for dreadnought. Sides are unprofiled (rectangular) and unbent. Kiln-dried.


  • Solid African Mahogany (Khaya spp.)
  • Top quality AAA-graded
  • Ready for thickness sanding, bandsawing, and shaping

Minimum Dimensions:
Back halves: 8-3/8" x 22" x 0.160" (212mm x 558mm x 4.06mm)
Sides: 5" x 33" x 0.125" (127mm x 838mm x 3.17mm)

Supplied unsanded, giving you more material to dial in the final thickness.

California Proposition 65 Warning
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