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StewMac Truss Rod Access Cutter

StewMac Truss Rod Access Cutter

StewMac Truss Rod Access Cutter

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StewMac Truss Rod Access Cutter

About This Item

Perfectly smooth and centered, every time.
Make a clean access cavity for a truss rod nut on an angled peghead with a hand drill.

Install the guide into a 3/16" truss rod channel and clamp the neck into a vise. Using a hand drill, the piloted cutter bit creates a clean access cavity in seconds. No drilling too deep or chewing up the peghead with a rasp, file, or gouge.

Designed for Gibson anchor nut and half-washer like our #2545 Gibson Truss Rod. The adjustable guide makes it suitable for straight or curved truss rod channels.

It also works for our Traditional Truss Rod Kit and Mandolin Truss Rod.

  • Adjustable Guide
  • 3/4" Piloted Cutter
  • 2 Allen wrenches
  • Instructions

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

Truss Rod Access Cutter for Truss Rods Like These

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Product Instructions

StewMac Truss Rod Access Cutter Instructions

How to make a clean, centered access cavity for a Gibson® truss rod nut with the StewMac Truss Rod Access Cutter and hand drill.

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Truss rod access pocket


Verified Buyer

This tool is the best tool I have ever used. It's always been a struggle for me to make the pockets by hand. I drilled 4 pockets in 5 minutes. A real time saver and they are perfect when done!
Nichols Road Mandolins
Bruce Clark


Truss rod access cutter


Verified Buyer

This is a great tool that turns a difficult and sometimes frought job into childs play. Its pricey but definately worth it...