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Guitar Shop Light Set

Guitar Shop Light Set

Guitar Shop Light Set

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Guitar Shop Light Set

About This Item

Let there be (even more) light
Our new inspection lights have been a big hit with our customers—so much so that folks have been asking us to bundle them together for convenient purchasing.

With this set you can easily see inside instruments big and small, and evaluate a neck and fretboard better than ever before. Once you start using them, you'll wonder why you stayed in the dark for so long!

The Guitar Shop Light Set includes:

Ultra-slim Internal Inspection Light Also sold separately
This 4" LED light is small enough to easily slip through any soundhole or f-hole, and won't generate any damaging heat. Only 1" wide and just 13/32" tall, it fits into guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, violins, even instruments with narrow f-holes with ease.

Guitar Internal Inspection Light Also sold separately
This 12" light's flat back easily spans braces and stays level. The domed lights evenly illuminate the entire guitar, not just one small section. It's extremely lightweight and won't emit excess heat inside your guitar.

Full Fretboard Inspection Light Also sold separately
When you're evaluating a neck, you can never have too much light. This 24" light will illuminate every inch of most fretboards. When used with our straightedges, you'll instantly see any high or low frets, warps or twists in the board, or any problem areas you need to fix.

Dual USB Wall Charger Also sold separately
This charger (power supply) powers any of the lights, and can even power two at a time. Charger is a 120-volt AC electrical appliance. It has a U.S. standard Type A plug with two flat parallel prongs, ungrounded.

USB 9-foot Extension Cable, Set of 2 Also sold separately
These two USB 2.0 A-Male to A-Female cables will work with all of the lights in the set, giving you the flexibility to use or install these lights anywhere.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Good Selection, Not So Easy To Use


Verified Buyer

The small one is a good size to fit in an acoustic body but it doesn't work dependably, and the USB cables provided are too heavy for precision placements. All three lamps could use a tab on the end with a hole so they could be hung up out of the way. Nice color temperature on the lights. A set of flat clips to hold the longer one(s) behind a straight edge would be very useful.


Not Really Worth the Hassle


Verified Buyer

This kit is priced attractively for a reason. It is because it is cheap Chinese junk!
These lights and cables will not hold up for any time at all if used frequently.
My set was falling apart while still in the box!
One light arrived inoperable and the long one was shedding pieces that fell on the floor when I opened the package.
The usb cable end covers are not attached securely and, since they are what you have to grip for for unplugging them, the ends will be loose after a use or two. One of mine came loose during first disconnect.
This is probably the poorest quality item I have ever purchased from StewMac. These lights will all be soon busted if not handled with kid gloves.
To their credit, StewMac did refund the purchase price after a one and a half week long wait.


Guitar Shop Light Set


Verified Buyer