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Full Fretboard Inspection Light

Full Fretboard Inspection Light

Full Fretboard Inspection Light Full Fretboard Inspection Light

Full Fretboard Inspection Light

Item # 1697
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Full Fretboard Inspection Light with USB Charger and Cable

Full Fretboard Inspection Light with USB Charger and Cable

Item # 10062
In stock, ready to ship!

List Price $47.02
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Stewmac Dual USB Charger Dual USB Wall Charger

Dual USB Wall Charger

Item # 1556
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USB Extension Cable - 9 foot USB 9-foot Extension Cable

USB 9-foot Extension Cable

Item # 1560
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Full Fretboard Inspection Light

About This Item

See every inch of a fretboard in amazing detail
This low-profile LED light is perfect for backlighting a neck to see trouble spots with ease.

    Make inspections easier
  • Three light settings
  • Dimmable
  • No damaging heat

When you're evaluating a neck, you can never have too much light. Just one slight high or low spot on a fretboard is the difference between a clean note and a buzz. This 24" light will illuminate every inch of most fretboards. When used with our straightedges, you'll instantly see any high or low frets, warps or twists in the board, or any problem areas you need to fix. And it's never been easier to see the small details when cutting slots, installing, pulling, or leveling frets.

Powerful lights for repair and building
This light has 80 super-bright LEDs with three settings: bright white, warm amber, and both together. You can instantly get the right light to knock out shadows and see exactly what you need. The lights have adjustable brightness—no more blinding yourself while working! These LEDs stay cool and won't damage your instrument.

Attach it to your Neck Jig
The light comes with two movable mounting brackets, making it easy to put anywhere. We like to mount it over the Neck Jig for worry free fretting and precise neck evaluations.

"Perfect weight and size for the Neck Jig, the most flexible light I have used yet!"—Erick Coleman, guitar repairman and StewMac tech advisor.

The attached 5-foot cord will reach into any instrument with room to spare. It's powered by standard USB; we recommend our 9-foot extension cable for plenty of room to maneuver, and the dual power supply that can run multiple lights.

  • Dimensions: 24" x 1" x 13/32" (610mm x 26mm x 11mm)
  • 80 super bright LEDS
  • USB-powered (must be plugged into charger)
  • 5-foot (1.5m) built in cord
  • Mounting brackets included

Not just for necks! We found it also fits into an upright bass perfectly.

Need more lights? Check out the Ultra-slim Inspection Light and the Guitar Internal Inspection Light. Get everything with the Guitar Shop Light Set to get a better view of any work you have.

Each sold separately or as a set:

#10062 Full Fretboard Inspection Light Set - Includes Full Fretboard Inspection Light, Dual USB Wall Charger, and USB 9-foot Extension Cable.

#1697 Full Fretboard Inspection Light - Light only. Includes 5-foot cord and dimmer switch.

#1556 Dual USB Wall Charger - Charger only. Charger is a 120-volt AC electrical appliance. It has a U.S. standard Type A plug with two flat parallel prongs, ungrounded.

#1560 USB 9-foot Extension Cable - USB 2.0 A-Male to A-Female cable only.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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See the whole board!


Verified Buyer

This is perfect for adjusting the truss rod while checking the relief--no more trying to hold up the guitar to a light to be able to see.
Should have bought this earlier.....


Fretboard Light


Verified Buyer

Had so many problems with a flashlight before this came
to my attention , so I purchased one.........Don't know how I lived without it.
Once again get one for your shop, you will never do as good without it.


Nice! Adjustable with multiple LEDs behind opaque diffused lens


Verified Buyer

Not only does this assist greatly with checking the neck's relief by laying a straight edge in front of it and looking for light that is leaking through the frets, it has a handy little adjustment switch to raise and lower the brightness! It also lets you cycle through "daylight" (warm/yellowish) and "cool" (white/bluish) LEDs or both! These are all behind an opaque diffused lens made of plastic it could be used as an overhead project light that you could either snap or slide off of the two enclosed clear plastic clips that can be used to mount it to a holder of your design so that it isn't solely dedicated to a single task. I searched for a long inspection light and guess who came up first? of course! ;)


Excellent Light Bar Tool!


Verified Buyer

Really helps with seeing between the tops of the frets and the bottom of the straight edge. I don't have to hold the bass or guitar up to the window anymore! Thanks StewMac!