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StewMac Guitar Buffer without Motor

StewMac Guitar Buffer without Motor

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StewMac Guitar Buffer without Motor

StewMac Guitar Buffer without Motor

Item # 3081
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StewMac Guitar Buffer with 120-volt Motor

StewMac Guitar Buffer with 120-volt Motor

Item # 3080
In stock, ready to ship!

List Price $845.53
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StewMac Guitar Buffer with 230-volt Motor

StewMac Guitar Buffer with 230-volt Motor

Item # 3084
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List Price $845.53
Your Price $803.25

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StewMac Guitar Buffer without Motor

About This Item

The only buffing system designed for instrument finishing.
Our exclusive professional buffing outfit features a slow 715-rpm buff speed, ideal for delicate instrument finishes.

  • More room to polish large guitars: 36"-long arbor shaft and a small housing for increased clearance.
  • Larger buffing surface: big 14" buffs, selected especially for instrument finishing.
  • The right speed: slow 715-rpm buff speed is ideal for delicate instrument finishes. Driven by a powerful 3/4-horse motor.
StewMac Guitar Buffer: a compact powerhouse!
Features that match the industrial buffers at major guitar factories:
  • Smooth running and quiet. Pillow block bearings on a half-inch-thick aluminum baseplate anchor the shaft for minimal vibration.
  • 3/4-horse motor. Power for the large surface contact required to buff guitars.

"This is a factory buffer scaled for a small shop. Other buffers don't give you enough room to move the instrument, and they run too fast—burning off the finish you're trying to polish. StewMac's guitar builders and tool designers talked about what we wanted in a buffer, and what we want to avoid. No other company has designed a buffing arbor system so specifically for luthiers' needs."
—Jay Hostetler, StewMac Product Development

    StewMac Guitar Buffer without Motor includes:
  • Buffing arbor
  • V-belt
  • 4 Buffing wheels: 2 Canton and 2 Domet
  • ColorTone Buffing Compounds, one of each: medium, fine and extra-fine
  • Mounting flanges
  • Buffing wheel rake
  • Instructions

Outfit without motor includes everything listed above except the motor (you supply your own).

Buffing Arbor Also sold separately
Arbor shaft diameter: 1"
Overall length of shaft: 36"
Maximum buffing wheel: 14"

Motor for Buffing Arbor Also sold separately
60 Hz
3/4 horsepower
Includes 1.89" pulley

#3080 Includes motor for domestic use Also sold separately
This 120-volt AC electrical appliance has a U.S. standard Type B plug with two flat parallel prongs and a grounding pin. 6.2 amps, 550 watts.

#3084 Includes motor for international use Also sold separately
This 230-volt AC electrical appliance has a international plug CEE 7/7 (compatible with Type E and F receptacles) with two round prongs and two grounding clips on the sides and female contact to accept the grounding pin. 3.5 amps, 550 watts.

Buffing Wheels Also sold separately
Big 14"-diameter buffing wheels where chosen especially for instrument finishing. Our Complete Buffing Outfit includes 2 of each: Canton flannel wheels for coarse and medium compounds, and 2 Domet flannel wheels for fine compound for an extra-high gloss. For maximum buffing surface, up to three wheels can fit on each side of the arbor (four wheels are included with the outfit). Additional wheels are sold separately.

ColorTone Buffing Compounds Also sold separately
ColorTone Compounds are designed specifically for musical instruments. These new formulas will give your instruments a professional shine for a showroom grade high gloss finish. 24-ounce buffing bars are smaller than most, but still plenty of compound for years of use in both factories and small shops. Important: use separate buffing wheels for each grade of compound.

Buffer Base Not included, only sold separately
This sturdy platform is made of rigid 1-1/2" thick plywood (38mm), and is drilled and counterbored for accurate arbor and motor alignment. Mount it to our versatile ShopStand, or to your own bench or stand. Dimensions: 11-3/4" x 20" (29.85cm x 50.8cm). Or you can build your own using the plans that accompany the buffer.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



Product Instructions

StewMac Guitar Buffer

Installation and safety instructions for the Buffing Arbor System.

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I've got the previous version


Well, the older version that I have has always served me well, nicely balanced, nice and big.


How did I live without this?!


I've been building customs for several years now, and had eyed this sytem for some time. The cost was a deterent, so I just kept on using my Stew Mac buffing pads (which give very good results, but are time consuming and messy). Well, I finally pulled the trigger. Got it in and installed and immediately put it to the test on a newly wet sanded body. My immediate reaction was "WOW!!!" "Wowwowwow!!!" I mean..."WOW!!!" Incredible results; it used to take an hour or so to buff a new body with my previous buffing pad method (and let's not even talk about getting inside the cut-aways), and now I was getting deep, mirror finishes in minutes! This system is a must-have for all but the casual (1 or 2 projects a year) builder. Not only is it saving me a TON of time on my customs, I'm making some pretty good cash by offering buff-out services for customer guitars to give them that "showroom shine" again. The word is out in my community that if you're selling a used guitar, "call that dude with the buffer" to shine it up first. Many other uses as well-polish a bone nut to a high gloss, clean up dingy hardware, shine scuffed up pickguards, etc. I highly recommend the Mezerna compounds as well. I've found that the coarse compound takes the place of my 1000 grit wet sanding-much faster (but use it carefully). Extra-fine will make plastic look brand new. If you want to save time, get superior results and make some extra dough to boot, buy this system now. I wish I hadn't waited so long :)

Displaying 2 of 2
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