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StewMac Neck Shim Shop Set of 12

StewMac Neck Shim Shop Set of 12

StewMac Neck Shim Shop Set of 12

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StewMac Neck Shim Shop Set of 12

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Full contact, precisely tapered
To change the angle of a bolt-on neck, players and repair shops have used shims for years. We've seen everything from matchbook covers to guitar picks stuck in neck joints.

Those kinds of shims create an unwanted gap under the heel of the neck: a dead air space where humidity condenses to swell the wood. As Dan Erlewine describes in his Guitar Player Repair Guide:

"This gap may cause an upward kink in the neck. And many players feel they lose tone unless firm contact is maintained between the neck and the body."

Dan creates tapered shims that cover the entire heel of the neck. With these ready-made shims, that work is done for you. We've even lasered a line to make it easier to fit the shim in a pocket with a squared bottom.

"My Jazzmaster needed a better string break angle over the bridge. The 0.5-degree shim let me raise the bridge to the height I needed. And it fit the neck pocket perfectly."
—Erick Coleman, guitar repairman and StewMac tech advisor

    The Shop Set includes 12 hard maple shims for guitar and bass:
  • 3 shaped shims for guitar: 0.25° + 0.5° + 1°
  • 3 shaped shims for bass guitar: 0.25° + 0.5° + 1°
  • 3 blank shims for guitar: 0.25° + 0.5° + 1°
  • 3 blank shims for bass guitar: 0.25° + 0.5° + 1°

Guitar shims:
2-3/16" x 3" (55.56mm x 76.12mm) shaped
3" x 2-1/4" (76.12mm x 57.15mm) blank

Bass shims:
2-1/2" x 3-7/8" (63.50mm x 98.43mm) shaped
2-3/4" x 3-7/8" (69.86mm x 98.43mm) blank

  • 0.25° shims taper from approx. 0.030" to 0.019" (0.76mm x 0.48mm)
  • 0.50° shims taper from approx. 0.028" to 0.008" (0.71mm x 0.20mm)
  • 1.00° shims taper from approx. 0.060" to 0.010" (1.52mm x 0.25mm)

Repair shops: Making a quality shim takes time. Keep these on hand for a quick turnaround on this common repair.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Great setup solution!


I had resigned myself to living with horrible ski jump or rollercoaster action on some of my Fender basses, but these shims, combined with some truss rod and bridge adjustment, were a huge help in getting them to be 100% more playable. They have a much better neck/body connection than the homemade shims I have used previously, and it's nice to have the various gauges to dial in just the right amount of height adjustment.




Verified Buyer

Great service




Verified Buyer

I'm one of those folks that has been sanding shims with a jig that I made. I'v been using the StewMac shims since their outset. I'm never going to sand again. I'm ready to order the whole set. I have never been able to justify what it takes to make them. Far better to spend your time working on fixing other things and having the necessary shims in your cabinet. Thank you Dan!!