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StewMac Fan Tremolo Pedal Kit

StewMac Fan Tremolo Pedal Kit

StewMac Fan Tremolo Pedal Kit With Bare Enclosure

With Bare Enclosure

Item # 2351
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StewMac Fan Tremolo Pedal Kit With White Enclosure

With White Enclosure

Item # 2351-W
In stock, ready to ship!


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StewMac Fan Tremolo Pedal Kit

About This Item

One tremolo to rule them all!
Build the world's most versatile tremolo pedal kit. From vintage to modern to crazy space sounds, there's nothing this trem pedal can't do.

We love all kinds of tremolo! Considered the first electric guitar effect, players for generations have enjoyed adding the subtle undulations and helicopter chop-like sounds to their tone. The problem is that most trem pedals just can't keep up with our creativity. Some only have a vintage vibe, while others are too modern. We needed something that had it all!

It's like getting three pedals in one!
When we discovered this unique tremolo circuit, we knew any player would want to build this all-in-one trem. The pedal has three trem styles: vintage 60s, heavier 70s, and modern digital. Each is infinitely tweakable with a rate (speed) and depth knob. One cool feature is a level knob, allowing you to use it as a boost.

Don't buy your next pedal—build it!
If you think building such a unique and versatile pedal sounds hard, don't worry. Our pedal kits don't just sound amazing, they're a blast to build too!

It's more than just a schematic
We include everything you need to build your new pedal:

  • Top quality components from resistors to switch
  • Road-worthy rugged metal enclosure with all holes pre-drilled
  • Bare or powder coated white finish
  • 3PDT breakout board for low noise
  • Input, output, and power jacks rear mounted for easy cable routing
  • True bypass switch
  • Custom printed labels
  • Easy! Download your instructions
    We've made these instructions ready to download now. You can zoom in on every solder joint and resistor value to make sure your build is perfect from start to finish. With these step-by-step instructions, full color illustrations, and complete wiring guide you'll build a pedal you'll enjoy for a lifetime. Be proud every time you step on the custom pedal that you built.

    Start making and modding pedals
    It's never been easier to have a fantastic sounding and looking pedal. We include labels for all of the knobs for a professional look. Paint your own raw metal enclosure or choose a powder coated enclosure that is ready to put on your board now.

    Take the first step to customize your sound.

    WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -



    Product Instructions

    StewMac Pedal Kit Instructions

    Download the assembly guide and wiring diagrams.

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    Fun to build Tremolo - kit needs a little work


    Verified Buyer

    I purchased the Tremolo pedal and had fun making it. There were a few bumps in the road though. I would like to support another review that stated the LED was a problem to install due to short leads. It was a real pain putting it in. Also the holes in the enclosure for the 1/4" input/output jacks weren't large enough. I could not pass the jacks through them so I had to drill them out.
    I also have one other suggestion for us old guys :-) 1/8 watt resistor color codes are VERY difficult to read. Labeling them would be a big improvement. I measured each one with a multimeter before putting it on the board.
    All that aside the tremolo sounds great. I would do it again.


    In times of forced confinement


    Verified Buyer

    I bought this pedal in order to get myself busy when there is no place to go and you have to spend almost all day long at home. The instructions are crystal clear and very easy to fallow. The idea of getting them on line is very helpful because it let you review the stages of construction before you start it. Another thing. The chart inccluded on the instruction booklet guides and helps you identify the right resistor every time. No more guessing. All in all very good pedal and a fantastic way to spend time at home doing something that you will be using on something you love. Making music. Tank you StewMac


    Great Kit but...


    Verified Buyer

    Not their fault, I try and do one of these kits every once in a while and I usually do not have the best results. I couldn't even get this one to power up. That said, it had accurate instructions, no missing or damaged parts and went together in textbook fashion. I probably fried the board by over-soldering.

    Response from StewMac

    Hi Paul,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback with us, we genuinely appreciate that. We're glad to hear that you liked the StewMac Fan Tremolo Pedal Kit but we are so sorry about the issues you have experienced with the assembly. Our technicians are here to help! Just send us an email at or contact us through our website and we will work with you to troubleshoot the problem. And if our technicians deem there are any defective items, we will gladly replace them for free. Thank you again for your feedback and we look forward to helping you with this.




    Verified Buyer

    I love this. Very clean tremolo with lots of depth. Easy to build with clear instructions. One and only problem is the clear led is incredibly bright and blinding. I replaced it with a red led and a dropping resistor.


    Sweet Trem/Great Learning Experience


    Verified Buyer

    Took me about 4 or 5 hours over a Saturday to go start to finish. I did not decorate the enclosure as I have always wanted a pedal that was bare metal. Soldering was much easier with a helping hand device and much of the tips in the instructions on how to solder without that device were able to be ignored. I had never fully soldered a PCB before and my iron tip was a little large but surprisingly, everything went really well. I would consider myself a novice solderer, but I was up for a challenge. While this did advance my skill level, it was by no means beyond the reach of anyone who has never soldered and is willing to make mistakes and start over.

    One con on this kit. Wiring the LED was a pain in the rear end. The instructions were clear, but the LED wires did not do what they said they would do. The dern thing wouldn’t stay in place and even after I got the board mounted and fully seated, the little cover for the LED was no longer fully seated and doing its job. About 3 more mm on the leads would have been plenty to make this work easier. All this to say that the LED works and looks good from the outside, it is just not perfect on the inside. Could very well be my inexperience at play with that thing, but I think part of it was parts/design. Anyway, very much fun on a Saturday and it also sounds great!