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StewMac Screamer Pedal Kit

StewMac Screamer Pedal Kit

StewMac Screamer Pedal Kit With Bare Enclosure

With Bare Enclosure

Item # 2350
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StewMac Screamer Pedal Kit With White Enclosure

With White Enclosure

Item # 2350-W
In stock, ready to ship!


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StewMac Screamer Pedal Kit

About This Item

Build the pedal that redefined overdrive
From SRV to Trey Anastasio to John Petrucci, this game-changing Tube Screamer-style overdrive will turn your timid tube amp into the tone monster you know it can be.

What else can be said about the TS-808 Ibanez Tube Screamer? With simple controls and the mythical JRC-4558D chip, this pedal pushes your amp into great sounding overdrive, WITHOUT completely changing your tone. It's like the amp you love, but better, and at a volume that won't get you evicted.

Don't buy your next pedal—build it!
We love the original TS-808 circuit, so why mess with perfection? We include the same JRC-4558D chip that gives this pedal the perfect mix of grit and transparency. We improved the little things to make this pedal even better: we added true bypass, reduced the noise, and made sure all of the components were top quality from switch to jack.

With controls for volume, drive, and tone we've kept the simplicity that's made this pedal a classic. Just twist the knobs and this pedal will bring out the raunchy tones hidden in your amp. Because the circuit is so transparent, it will sound different depending on which amp you plug it into.

It's more than just a schematic
We include everything you need to build your new pedal:

  • Top quality components from resistors to switch
  • Road-worthy rugged metal enclosure with all holes pre-drilled
  • Bare or powder coated white finish
  • 3PDT breakout board for low noise
  • Input, output, and power jacks rear mounted for easy cable routing
  • True bypass switch
  • Custom printed labels

Easy! Download your instructions
We've made these instructions ready to download now. You can zoom in on every solder joint and resistor value to make sure your build is perfect from start to finish. With these step-by-step instructions, full color illustrations, and complete wiring guide you'll build a pedal you'll enjoy for a lifetime. Be proud every time you step on the custom pedal that you built.

Make your pedal your way
It's never been easier to have an inspiring sounding and looking pedal. We include labels for all of the knobs for a professional look. Paint your own raw metal enclosure or choose a powder coated enclosure that is ready to put on your board now.

Take the first step to customize your sound.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Beginner builder


Verified Buyer

First off, this was tons of fun to put together! I enjoyed soldering the parts and figuring out to fix the oops. Took about 6 hours to build, as myself I am a beginner with a modest soldering station. Also, the world of guitar pedals is relatively new to me. I've never owned a tube amp so I wasn't quite sure what this pedal would do. When running the pedal through a solid state bass amp, my electric guitars had that kind of shimmer and twang like you'd expect from a hot tube amp. There is some distortion when playing chords (which I like) and when playing licks the guitar just sounds hot (like high gain). I thought I was getting something that would sound crunchy all of the time (which it doesn't), but again, I'm just a beginner.

It DOES NOT come with a power supply, but it does take a generic guitar pedal power supply, 9V, 500mA max. Also, the instructions were confusing for installing the volume and drive knobs. It looked to me as though they were swapped in the instructions from how the circuit board is labeled.


Great kit, authentic tone


Verified Buyer

The StewMac Screamer was a straightforward build, with the opportunity to do as little or as much cosmetic work on the case as you like. Since I wanted to go minimalist I got the pre-painted white enclosure version. The difference in price is way less that the cost of the spray paint you'd need to finish it yourself.
I tend to build projects like this slowly and carefully, double checking resistor values with a meter, double checking solder joints and potential shorts, etc. Doing this, the pedal worked perfectly the first time I plugged it in. The tones available are very authentic and desirable.
The only suggestion I have on the kit is the mounting of the LED. I found it a bit of a challenge to install as the instructions recommended. I finally mounted the LED in the rubber plug, soldered to the board, then guided the LED into place in the socket. Still challenging, but it worked.

All in all, nice kit, great sound, awesome value!

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