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Mini S-Style Electric Guitar Kit

Mini S-Style Electric Guitar Kit

Mini S-Style Electric Guitar Kit Mini S-Style Electric Guitar Kit

Mini S-Style Electric Guitar Kit

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Mini S-Style Electric Guitar Kit + Building Set

Mini S-Style Electric Guitar Kit + Building Set

Item # 2473
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Mini S-Style Electric Guitar Kit + Building Set, Cherry Red

Mini S-Style Electric Guitar Kit + Building Set, Cherry Red

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Mini S-Style Electric Guitar Kit

About This Item

Have a little fun and make a little noise!
Build a REAL guitar this weekend. This is not a toy or wall hanger, this mini-guitar is a real instrument that you'll have a lot of fun building and playing for years to come.

Want to make something totally unique that's a blast to play? You can't go wrong with the Mini S-Style Kit. It's just like its big brother but with a shorter scale and tuned an octave above conventional tuning. You can play all the same chords and scales you know with a completely new tone.

Looking for a super-easy first build?
If you've been on the fence about trying your first guitar build, this kit is just what you need. Everything comes pre-routed—the bridge location is already pre-drilled. Each neck is fit to each pocket for a super tight neck joint.

And, it's a one day build. Open the box in the morning and you'll be playing by afternoon. If you have a coffee table, you've got enough space to build this simple kit.

Don't let the size fool you
This guitar sounds and plays just like a full scale guitar. Everything from the nut width (1-5/8") to the electronics and hardware are the same size as traditional Strat-style guitars (other than the neck plate). While everything is perfect right out of the box, it's easy to make this guitar your own. From vintage vibe to crazy modern, you can customize this guitar exactly how you want.

Get started NOW!
We put together this handy set so you can finish and build your new guitar right away. We've included all of the specialty tools, sandpapers, and finishing supplies you need to make your new guitar look and play great.

Looking for a full-sized S-style kit? We've got those too!

What color will you make it?
The set includes clear finish for a natural look. You can change the color by simply adding ColorTone Liquid Stains. With over 20 colors it's easy to find the perfect look for your build.

Love Cherry Red? Get the set with stain included
This classic color looks great on any guitar! With the 2-ounce bottle of stain you can experiment and find the exact shade of Cherry Red that works for your build.

    Mini S-Style Electric Guitar Kit includes:
  • Mahogany body, ready for final sanding and finishing
  • Body is pre-routed and drilled for the proper placement of the neck, pickups, control cavity and bridge
  • Pre-fretted mahogany neck with blank peghead and pre-installed truss rod
  • 16.3" (414mm) scale length with 1-5/8" nut width
  • Pre-installed fingerboard inlays
  • Slotted nut
  • Sealed tuners
  • White pickguard (3-ply laminated w/b/w)
  • Pickups, pots, and switch are pre-wired for easy installation
  • Output jack
  • Classic Strat-style hardtail bridge and chrome hardware
  • Setup adjustment wrenches
  • Strings
  • Detailed instructions written specifically for this kit

Explore new sounds!
This little guitar sounds great in standard tuning, but you can explore so many more tones. In standard tuning these play best with light gauge strings (.09s or lighter) due to the shorter scale. For a totally new but familiar tone, we've enjoyed tuning these to Double Drop D, A to A (like a capo at the 5th fret), and all sorts of open tunings. Find what inspires you.

Build your little rocker today.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Product Instructions

Instructions for Mini S-Style Electric Guitar Kit

Downloadable assembly instructions for the Mini S-Style Electric Guitar Kit.

How to shape a custom guitar peghead

Make a signature peghead! Learn how to make a custom guitar peghead that can give your guitar a unique vibe. Using a pattern, a jigsaw and a router, see how easy it is to make a peghead template and rout a custom peghead shape into your guitar's headstock, just like the professionals.

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Love this mini!


Verified Buyer

I recognized many people have issues with tuning which gave me the idea to change the nut and use lighter gauged strings on E, A, D, ang G strings. And slightly heavier guaged strings on B and high E strings. I just tune this guitar to Nashville tuning. Lowest 4 Strings tunes up an octave and High B and E strings tuned normal without raising up an octave. It has an amazing singing Rhythm quality. I couldn’t be happier. I still haven’t finished mine but will be painting it with Color Tone nitro aerosol in Sonic Blue. I’ll post photos when done.


First time builder and it worked!


I bought this kit for the kiddo and I've played it more than him, heh.
The body came in good condition, everything that came with it was there.
I'm not a woodworker by trade, but to my eye the body looked great. A single piece of mahogany. The neck fit very snug as well.
My one of two gripes/warnings was that my blank headstock didn't really match the template that Stewmac has a pdf for. I wished I had known that prior to working the template so long. It wasn't a big deal or showstopper.
My other gripe is that the high E string saddle had some extraneous metal poking out inside where the ball of the string is inserted, preventing the string to sit properly. I managed to get around the issue by filing it down. All the other saddles were fine.

All in all it was a fun learning experience and my kiddo now has an opportunity to get into electric guitar.


Tiny nice guitar, that's all


Verified Buyer

I've never build guitar before, so this kit is the first build kit for me.

I bought this kit for some experiment - Change it to HSS with single sized humbucker, and change electronics.

It's no so easy to make the color what I want with the stain work, but I enjoy the process.

So, I changed some parts and here's the list.

Neck position : Dimazio single pickup from Musicman Silhouette guitar.
Bridge : Duncan JB Jr.

Pots : CTS 500K for Volume, two of push-pull 250K/500K from HOSCO, for Tone. (Each pull lever for Kill / switching to single mode)
Switch : Schaller Megaswitch M
Wire diagram : Refer to Shur HSS wiregram (so I use 2 470k resistants)

It needs to more routing on body.

After the build, when I test the guitar, electronics works well, and Sounds pretty good.
But, like other reviews, there's problem with the intonation. Bridge saddle had to go almost the backside end of the bridge, and it caused screw touched the strings. This problem make buzz sound especially on 3rd strings in my case.

And, I agreed with some opinions about the Tuning. I think that this kit can't be make the standard tuning(and octave standard). Maybe the upper octave Low A(A, D, G, C, E, A) or B tune(B, E, A, D, F#, B) are fits on this guitar I think.

However, This guitar is SO TINY and CUTE. Very important point on this guitar.

Thanks for Stewmac Team that give a chance to buy and build this tiny guitar.
(Unfortunately, Parts price that I used for this guitar were more expensive than this kit...)


Really fun


Verified Buyer

I bought this to assemble with my son.
It was well packed, easy to assemble, and a lot of fun.
I got a really good looking body so I left it as raw wood and sealed it.

A little bit hard to get perfect intonation, but overall it is a ton of fun to play and it looks really cool hanging on the wall.
Great conversation starter too. Everyone wants to play it.


Pour mes petits-enfants


Verified Buyer

Cette mini S était très facile à monter. Les parties sont de bonne qualité, et je suis content. Je l'ai construit pour mes petits-fils. À présent, on attend la fin du confinement à cause du corona-virus, pour qu'ils puissent l'essayer.


small for grandson


Verified Buyer

I bought this for my grandson. he is not yet two years old but his dad can play really well. I will put it together and enjoy the gift. love the quality.




Verified Buyer

Tried this kit as I love Strats and thought a mini would be fun. Easy to build and I took a lot of time filling grain and prepping for finish. Small hole for ground wire to bridge was missing but easy to correct. Finished guitar was nice and will be fun to play.
Thanks for the experience.


Mini strat


Verified Buyer

Nice little package. Went together in a short time, set up well and plays great.


Great Little Kit. But...


Verified Buyer

I'm an experienced builder and have bought lots of parts, tools and a couple of kits from Stew-Mac. I knew going in that, for the price, this wasn't going to be a high-end guitar. That said, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the kit. The body required very little work. Just some cleanup with 220 grit. Since it's mahogany and I wanted to paint it, I used a grain filler. Though it came out okay, I should've used a second coat - there's still grain showing in the finish. I shaped the head to look like a Fender and clear coated it with nitro - came out very pretty. Body got Butterscotch Blonde nitro and clear coat. Everything went together easily and fit together very well.

Build notes: There were a couple of high frets that I quickly knocked down with my Stew-Mac fret file, otherwise the neck was pretty dead on. The string notches in the nut weren't deep enough - every note up to the 5th fret sounded sharp, so I lowered them and that fixed the problem. Another caveat - the mahogany is very soft - the body already has a number of dents in it from normal handling.

The "But" part - Stew-Mac should stop advertising this as an "octave guitar." I broke 3 high 3 strings (the original, an .09 and and an .09 mandolin string) before giving up. It's a shame because the guitar really "sings" when it's tuned to E. I went back and forth with Nick at S-M who was really nice but doesn't have a solution. I gave up and detuned it to B. A couple other small things - the tone controls have practically no range to them, and the bridge is a pain to thread strings through. As my Dad used to say - "Other than that..."


Good quality kit


Verified Buyer

I bought and built a stew Mac mini s kit, and the quality of the kit is excellent. The mahogany wood body was so pretty that I just put a light mahogany stain on it to enhance the wood grain, and a sealer. The rosewood fingerboard is nice too. The frets were nicely finished. The electronics all worked after I sauntered on the jack and grounded that. My only complaint is with the instructions. They could be much better as to the setup and tuning of this guitar. You have to assume that some people buying this kit are nor familiar with tuning and setup of an electric guitar, like me for instance. Also, you need to show peopl how to tune this guitar up, as it doesn’t use a standard full size guitar tuning. It tunes an octave higher. Again, newbies might be building their first instrument, and not be familiar with tuning. One more gripe here, string gauges? How do I replace these strings? Not one word on the type of strings used here. Other than that, this is a fine quality kit, and I’m very happy with it. Glad I have friends who play electric guitars though. Beef up your directions, or add a few videos , since you do a great job on videos. I’d recommend this kit to anyone though.

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