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Great Gifts for Dads and Grads

Great gifts for Dads and Grads

Get them the perfect gift

Electric Guitar Kits

Have Fun Building Your Dream Guitar

You don’t need any woodworking experience at all to build an iconic guitar. It’s easy and fun to build, and you’ll learn a lot, too!

Ukulele Kits

The One Build That You Can Take With You Anywhere

Ukuleles are easy to play and even easier to build. A great first project that you’ll take with you to the park, the beach—just throw it in your backpack and go where you feel inspired.

Mini Guitar Kits

Have a Little Fun and Make a Little Noise!

Build a REAL guitar this weekend. This is not a toy or wall hanger, this mini-guitar is a real instrument that you'll have a lot of fun building and playing for years to come.


GuitarMakers: Sammy Brue Builds His Own Touring Guitar

We teamed up with signed recording artist Sammy Brue and custom guitarmaker Kevin Equitz to help Sammy build the perfect touring instrument for his latest album "Crash Test Kid".

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get the tools to take you there...
Guitar Tech Screwdriver Set

A Drawer Full Of Tools in the Palm of Your Hand

Be ready with the right sized tools for nearly any hardware on any guitar, from tuners to bridges, tremolos to pickguards, pickups to tailpieces, and much more.

Essential Fretting Tool Set

Get Frets That Play Fast

Tools and supplies to tame fret sprout, buff and shine frets and make your instrument play silky smooth.

Cleaning Tool Set

Get Your Guitar Clean

Our guitar techs have thought long and hard to assemble everything you need (and nothing you don't) to keep your instrument looking pristine in one easy-to-carry travel kit.

Deluxe Tool Set

Essential Electronics Tools

Get exactly the right tools to wire guitars, repair pedals, build amps, and more. With the right tools and guidance, you'll never run into a problem you can't fix.

Action Adjustment Set

Dial In That Perfect Setup

Specialty tools used by the pros that'll help you analyze your electric guitar and make it play better than ever.

Guitar Gear Gift Box

Stumped For Gift Ideas?

Anyone who's passionate about guitars will love absolutely everything we selected—it's all goodies that are great to own more than one of!


How to Clean a Guitar

People ask us all the time, "what's the best way to clean a guitar without damaging the hardware or finish?" We've listened and decided to make a video to show you some of our favorite methods, tips, and tricks.

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Make any guitar better
Wiring Kits

Upgrade Your Sound With Better Parts

Complete with wiring diagrams, our wiring kits feature the professional components trusted for decades by Gibson, Fender, and other iconic builders.

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Find the Pickups That Unleash Your Tone

Take your guitar to the next level with new pickups that will finally give you the sound you’ve been searching for.

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Play in Tune and Stay in Tune

Upgrading your tuners is an easy way to improve your guitar. Not only do they look amazing, you’ll spend more time focused on your playing and less time worrying about tuning.

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Install Premium Hand-soldered Pickups

Whether you're replacing worn out components or working on a new build, this video shows how simple upgrading wiring can be with our hand-soldered harnesses.

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Build your own pedals and more
Pedal Kits and Mods

Build Your Own Tone

It's never been a better time to try your first pedal build. It's easy, anyone can do it! No experience required!

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Pedal Tools

Take Control Over Your Sound

Building pedals is super fun and really rewarding. Here's all the right tools you need to get started.


Plug It In!

Build a custom cable or pick one to fit your needs.


Build Your First Custom Effects Pedal

StewMac now has several new, easy-to-build effects pedal kits. No matter if this is your first (EVER) electronic project or you're a pro with a soldering iron, these fun weekend projects are a great way to start building your own custom pedals.

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