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Fretting from Beginners to Pros

From Beginners to Pros

From your first fret work to tricky refrets, StewMac has got you covered. From advice to tools, we'll help you get the job done right.

Fretting Step by Step
Essential Fretting Tool Set
Wiring Kits

Level, polish, and shine

From leveling new frets to making old frets play like new, we've got the right abbrasives for every job.

Pre-wired Harness

Is fret sprout a problem?

Make your frets play buttery smooth with this simple set.

Pre-wired Harness

The right tools for the job

From simple truss rod adjustments to massive refrets, the right tools make every job easier.

Gibson and Fender Pickups

Can't find that buzzy high fret?

The Fret Rocker instantly pinpoints that nasty buzz, and tells you exactly which fret is the problem.

Seymour Duncan Pickups

Need to level just one fret?

The Fret Kisser easily (and accurately) levels the high fret with a diamond file. You don't even have to remove the strings!

Golden Age Pickups

Level and keep your radius true

No tool makes it easier to establish and maintain a radius on fretboards and frets.

Spot leveling with Fret Kisser

How to set your pickup height

When it comes to setting the height of your guitar's pickups there's no "one size fits all" approach. Adjust the height of your guitar pickups to fit YOUR playing style.

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Fretting for professionals

For the professional

We're your source for tools that will last a lifetime and pay for themselves in a busy shop. We designed the tools that have revolutionized luthiery.

Understring Level + Dress
Fret Wire

The right wire in the right sizes

Vintage or modern, we have the fret wire you need. If your doing one job or 100, you can also get exactly the amount you need.

Action Adjustment Set

Pull frets without chips

Our precision Fret Puller was designed by our techs to accurately pull even the most stubborn frets with ease, and save the board from nasty chips.

Fret Erasers

The most accurate leveling ever

Heavy duty beams level frets and fingerboards and keep the radius true, saving you time on every fret job.


Level frets under playing conditions

The Fret Bar makes it easy to level frets when the neck at tension for the most accurate fret work ever.

Precision Straightedge

Know fingerboads and frets are flat

Straight edges are essential for all aspects of fretwork. With notched and unnotched versions, it's never been easier to work with precision.


Fine tune your frets

Our custom fret files make recrowning fast and simple—now you can make every fret play fast and smooth.

Fingerboard Levelers

Level frets without file marks

Level all of the frets at once for accurate results from end to end.


Innovative abrasives for fret work and more

With sand papers that stick to your tools, you'll save time and get better results on every job.

Fingerboard Leveling Files

Files made for fret work

Not just hardware store tools, these custom were designed to level frets and fingerboards with the precision you need.

Fixing fret buzz

Fixing fret buzz: seating a popped-up fret

Matt Brooker has a neck with some buzzing frets. He traces the problem to some poorly seated frets and shows two ways to clamp them down. Matt shows why seating the frets is the first thing to do before taking a file to your fretboard.

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