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L.R. Baggs Radius Mandolin Pickup

L.R. Baggs Radius Mandolin Pickup

L.R. Baggs Radius Mandolin Pickup

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L.R. Baggs Radius Mandolin Pickup

About This Item

Innovative contact pickup with mic-quality response.
Endorsed by Sierra Hull.

The Radius™ contact pickup features a highly flexible internal film sensor that responds like a microphone diaphragm. The sensor is held in equilibrium and damped by opposing neodymium magnets that let the pickup convey even the most subtle nuances of the mandolin. Installation on the instrument is easy, with finish-friendly mounting putty. The violin-style jack/clamp can also be disassembled for installing the pickup and jack inside the mandolin (strapjack button included). Complete instructions are provided. The Radius is a high impedance transducer: in many venues a preamp is not required, but for best results and for feedback control at high sound levels, the L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic DI is recommended.

"I love the LR Baggs Radius pickup! I use it on both my mandolin and octave mandolin. I can be very picky when it comes to my own personal mandolin tone and the sound I want to have. I had never been a big fan of the sound produced through a pickup until using this one. The Radius allows me to have the extra gain I may need in situations without completely sacrificing good tone. It's a win win!"
—Sierra Hull

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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These are part of my electrified acoustic mandolins, and a darn good part too! 


Build a nice pre-amp and buffer to balanced XLR line add some EQ, a little compression, maybe some more filtering and then expand the signal and this can give some super nice tone on it's own. Mix in an electret mic and build a pre-amp mixer around that, with a tristate and wow!!! The first LR Baggs went on a golden apex era of great Japanese luthrie 1980s Ibanez F Style mandolin I had to rebuild and without the electrification that high end slathered with MOP multiline bound all solid wood mandolin will hold it's own with an Lloyd Loar Gibson or later Gibson. Obviously tacking this to a Loar era F5 could get me crucified in places like Kentucky despite the fact my ancestors ran with Daniel Boone, and there is a town that bears my surname. There are some things you just don't do. So I found one of the best F5 copies ever made and used it. The fancy top end Ibanez F5 style was so well made, Bill Monroe even played one. Bill Monroe was known to literally ban people from using certain instruments and was a renowned hypercritical person who handed out far more criticism than praise. The Ibanez sounds really awesome with my setup, and the LR Baggs is the heart of the system, around which everything else was carefully designed. LR Baggs made it pretty easy for me, though, by making a really nice product. This is truly a fine product! Find the sweet spot and stick it on. You can move it around and get better (or different) balance, tone and timbre from the front end, and work with that signal in the eq, and gain. Mix it with a small mic signal from inside or outside the instrument and you can get super sounding audio from these. Is it going to be as good as straight acoustic with a $25,000 German studio mic? Probably not, but you can mix the two, and live? There is no substitute for using this live. Option B is the old, high end mic. Trying not to bump the instrument into the mic, is the major pitfall there, next to starting to sway with the beat and making the sound swell and decay as you move closer and farther from the mic. I had a client that played Charango who had that problem. These also work great on the little Bolivian charangos too, and I mean they sound fabulous on a good charango, with an accomplished player. Mounting the jack is an issue with a traditional armadillo hide back charango, but it is doable. My client had a carved charango, so I made a wrap around bail clamp for it, added a magnetic pickup from Lace Sensor and mixed the two signals. Magnificent!


No longer unplugged!


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I needed a pickup for my mandolin. Comparing reviews, advice from experienced users, and price settled on this one. Installation instructions are accurate and complete (I'm not a luthier, and have never installed a pickup on anything, so this was important to me).
Quality sound and easy to operate.