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Tube Amp Doctor EL34B-STR Power Tube

Tube Amp Doctor EL34B-STR Power Tube

Single Tube

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Tube Amp Doctor EL34B-STR Power Tube

About This Item

Sensational new high-gain (Gm) EL34 tube with very dynamic tone.

Extra strong military-grade construction with gold plate grids. Perfect for all Marshall®, Hiwatt®, Orange® etc. to achieve that big tone they became famous for. Very close to the legendary UK made Mullard EL34.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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Not too shabby!


Verified Buyer

This tube is a nice surprise. I bought it for my small single-ended amp that uses one pre-amp tube, one power tube (EL34), and one rectifier tube.

I had a nice vintage EL34 tube for it that sounded great, but recently that vintage tube finally went bad on me and since then I've been looking for a good replacement. Unfortunately, "good" vintage EL34's are priced out of sight.

I've tried a couple of other different current production EL34's in it, but they were missing some of the characteristics that I was used to hearing from the old vintage tube.

So far, and to my ear, this is the best of the current production EL34 tubes that I've tried in this little amp. I don't know that I'd call it "sensational", but it's definitely "not too shabby"!