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Tube Amp Doctor EL34-SVT Power Tube

Tube Amp Doctor EL34-SVT Power Tube

Single Tube

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Tube Amp Doctor EL34-SVT Power Tube

About This Item

This TAD selection of the original Svetlana EL34 is very dependable and a recommended choice for combo amps.

Somewhat lower power but nice balanced tone with fine heights, very detailed and musical mids and not too much bass. The TAD EL34-SVT is selected out of the original Svetlana-Factory production in St. Petersburg (winged -C- logo). The TAD EL34-SVT is indentical to the stock tube used by Marshall for the JCM2000 TSL/DSL series. It is the only EL34 version we do recommend to use with this amp models.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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Excellent Power Tubes !


Verified Buyer

I have rolled tubes in my Marshall DSL 100hr and thought I had a good setup with the GT EL34m and Tung Sol preamp lineup I had. But I decided to go for broke, lol ! And buy these TAD EL34 SVT tubes from StewMac and I’m glad I did ! I installed them today along with all TAD 7025 WA Highgrade in V1, 12ax7a-c selected in v2-v4. Between the 7025 WA Highgrade and the 12ax7a-c in the PI v4 position going through the EL34 SVT’s it changed my amp for the better ! No more fizz, no more muddy high gain. It’s clear, articulate and complex in the bass, and across all three bands of the mids. The highs are smooth, pronounced but smooth. Breakup is that solid Marshall growl and snarl we all know. With this head and the plate voltage which is around 470-480 in mine I biased these around 76mV across both sides and that did the trick right there. Worth the money ! If I can get some more cash soon I’m gonna grab another set for backup.


Power Tubes


Verified Buyer

These are great tubes and they make my Marshall DSL40C come alive.