Groove Tubes GT-6L6 Slovakian Power Tube

Groove Tubes GT-6L6 Slovakian Power Tube, Matched Pair
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Groove Tubes GT-6L6 Slovakian Power Tube, Matched Quad
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Groove Tubes GT-6L6 Slovakian Power Tube

Tubes that can handle any amp
Tired of blowing tubes? Unlike some 6L6 tubes, these Slovakian Groove Tubes are super durable, and can handle more powerful amps with ease. But the sound really sets these tubes apart: the highs are brilliant with plenty of chime, and the lows are rich and full. These are a great sounding tube clean or overdriven.

From Fender: "A medium-output power tube (generally 20-25 watts) often used in Fender professional amplifiers including the Bassman, Bandmaster, Concert, Dual Showman, Hot Rod Series, Pro Series, Super Reverb, Tremolux, Twin, Vibrolux, Super-Sonic, Blues Deluxe, Blues DeVille and others. The response is round, with a pronounced mid-range character; strident and chesty with a super-bright and clean, powerful punch. Perhaps the most recognized signature tone for U.S. guitar music of all styles from the '60s onward."

About Groove Tubes
Founded by Aspen Pittman, Groove Tubes has long been a supplier of quality tubes. Each tube is certified for superior function, low noise, and build quality. Groove Tubes are installed as standard equipment in Fender amps direct from the factory. If you want consistent and quality performance from your amp, choose Groove Tubes.

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