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ClassicTone Universal Power Transformer for Fender Princeton Reverb

ClassicTone Universal Power Transformer for Fender Princeton Reverb

ClassicTone Universal Power Transformer for Fender Princeton Reverb

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ClassicTone Universal Power Transformer for Fender Princeton Reverb

About This Item

Hear what your amp is missing
Want better tone and feel from your amp? Upgrade your power transformer.

Your power transformer is one of the biggest factors in your tone and is the first step in delivering the right power to your tubes—making your amp come alive. When a vintage amp sounds bad, or makes no sound at all, it's time to replace the transformer. And many new amps use cheap, small transformers that hold back your tone. For any amp, a quality power transformer will amplify everything you already love about your tone.

Finally get the real AA1164 Princeton tone
Both your clean and dirty sounds will improve when you upgrade to a ClassicTone transformer. You'll hear why these amps are known for the revered "Fender" cleans and gritty overdriven sounds.

A special feature of these transformers is that the voltage is compensated for "tweed" series amps, and other later Fender models too. The heavier current capacity lets your amp run cooler, meaning better reliability and longer tube life too. This is important to protect your amp—since the 1950s wall voltages have increased above what the amp was designed for, changing the tone and potentially damaging the amp.

These transformers are made in the USA and every component is high quality:

  • Wound like the vintage-era originals
  • Custom, no-solvent varnish for correct vintage look
  • Correct raised mountings—drops-in most chassis
  • High quality wire, pre-tinned for easy soldering
  • International voltage friendly: 120/240V
  • Modern touches for better performance: flux band and center tap on the heaters
  • RoHS Compliant

Not just for Princeton-style amps!
This power transformer fits in these amps (and others):
Tweed Champ, Blackface Champ, Silverface Champ, Champ AA764, Blackface Vibro-Champ, Silverface Vibro-Champ, Vibro-Champ AA764, Tweed Princeton, Brown Princeton, Blackface Princeton, Silverface Princeton, Princeton AA964, Blackface Princeton Reverb, Silverface Princeton Reverb, Princeton Reverb AA1164, Princeton Reverb AA764, Princeton Reverb B1270, Bronco, Blackface Bronco, Bronco AA764, Bronco AB764, 6G10 Harvard.

This is also a great upgrade to our '65 P-Reverb 15W Amp Kit.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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ClassicTone Transformers Wiring Diagrams

Get ready to upgrade your amp.

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