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SnufferStick High Voltage Discharge Stick

SnufferStick High Voltage Discharge Stick

SnufferStick High Voltage Discharge Stick

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SnufferStick High Voltage Discharge Stick

About This Item

Safely discharge high voltage when working on amps
Clip the SnufferStick to the chassis for ground, and then hold the tip to your filter caps to discharge dangerous high voltage present when you turn off your amp.

Included are two 56K, 2-watt resistors in series with the nose probe and ground wire (112K total). The SnufferStick will safely discharge the high voltage supply within three to five seconds. We highly recommend using a meter to measure the voltage while you have the discharge stick in place. Only remove the stick when the voltage is completely drained.

Don't work on an amp without a discharge stick!

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Basic Electronic Survival Tool


Verified Buyer

Exactly as advertised. 112 Kilo Ohm of protection. Quickly and safely discharges amplifier capacitors before your fingers do. And, trust me . . . capacitors are more than happy to dump their load of deadly high voltage into a human body.




Verified Buyer

Anyone that's works with high voltage tube either Audio or RF amps. This is a Must Have item takes all the guess work out of the working with dangerous Voltages. Best Price on the internet.



Poor quality--arrived with loose tip


Verified Buyer

The probe tip threads into the non conducting body and the wire travels down this body and out the bottom to the clip, that is meant to ground the tool.
The threaded probe tip was loose in the body and would not screw back in; it is all stripped out.
I'll epoxy it back in, its not worth sending back
Better design needed.
It seems way to easy for this to happen.

Response from StewMac

Thank you for your honest feedback. We are truly sorry you had this experience with our SnufferStick High Voltage Discharge Stick. Please accept our sincere apology and, of course, a full refund or free replacement.

We do our absolute best to check the quality of all the items we offer, but we do sometimes make mistakes. Thank you for speaking up, and rest assured we're already working hard to correct this problem.

Displaying 2 of 2
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