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Easy Mod Projects

Easy Mod Projects

No matter if it's your first EVER project or you're a pro, these fun weekend projects are a great, easy way finally get the tone you’ve been searching for.

Pedal Kits

Classic and hard to find circuits

Ever thought about building your own pedal, but weren't sure where to start? Our pedal kits are perfect. The step-by-step instructions are designed for new builders—you’ll be proud every time you switch on the secret weapon YOU built.

Wiring Kits

Great Parts = Great Tone

Worn out or low quality pots, caps, and switches can and WILL hurt the tone you’ve worked so hard on. Upgrade with top grade parts CRL, CTS, Switchcraft, and more.

Pre-wired Pickguards

Wake up your Strat

True vintage tones can be yours with this easy 5-minute upgrade. With premium pickups and expert wiring, it's never been easier to update your sound.

Mod Your Pedals
New Tones with Pickups

New tones from your favorite pickup brands

Upgrade with your favorite top brands: Gibson, Fender, Seymour Duncan, EMG, Fishman, Golden Age and more.

Finishing Sets

Finishing made easy

Fixing a small chip? Final buffing that perfect build? We have you covered for all things finishing, from A to Z!

Tuning Machines

Don't just play in tune, STAY in tune!

We have the right look and performance you need. From vintage elegance to modern high performance, get the hardware that fits your vision.

Build Your Own Pedal Kit

Build Your First Custom Effects Pedal

StewMac now has several new, easy-to-build effects pedal kits. No matter if this is your first (EVER) electronic project or you're a pro with a soldering iron, these fun weekend projects are a great way to start building your own custom pedals.

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Change your pickups

change your pickups

It's easier than you think to swap your pickups. With just a handful of tools, you can change your tone in an afternoon.

Guitar Electronics Tool Set

Work on guitars, amps, and pedals!

It's easier than you think to work on all your gear. With just a handful of tools, you can change swap pickups, fix pedals, change your tubes, and more.

Pickup Winder

Build-Your-Own Pickup Winder

Repair old pickups, build custom overwound, underwound and coil-tapped models, and create pickups for custom or specialty instruments.

Tame your guitar’s hum

Tame your guitar’s hum

Don't let pickup noise ruin your jam! Improve your electric guitar forever in less than an hour. Once you shield one guitar, you'll want to fix them all.

Scratchy Pot and Switch Cleaning Set

Eliminate scratchy pots and noisy switches

Nothing is worse than scratchy, dirty pots and switches. That's why we've put together a set of our favorite tools that'll fix this problem instantly.

Colortone Touch Up Marker

Easily repair minor finish dings and scratches

When that heartbreaking first ding appears on your new guitar, these convenient ColorTone touchup pens come to the rescue. No brushing or spraying needed!

Strat Upgrade Kit

Improve your tone with three simple upgrades

It is super easy to make your import play and sound like a MUCH higher end guitar by simply upgrading your hardware.

Electronics Upgrade

How to upgrade the electronics on a Fender Squier Strat and fix faulty shielding

The shielding on this budget Strat wasn't doing the job. Learn how to fix the problem using conductive paint and a foil pickguard shield.

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