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April Goes Acoustic - Acoustic Building Tips

April Goes Acoustic

Build, upgrade, and customize your guitar

StewMac Body-Built Acoustic Guitar Kit

More than a kit—it's a FANTASTIC guitar!

Have you dreamed of owning a beautiful custom acoustic guitar? No need to just dream about it—Now YOU can build it!

Pre-war Acoustic Guitar Kits

We cracked the pre-war code!

Now you can build the iconic guitar that changed the world just like they were made in the 1930s.

Acoustic Kits

Get a head start with a kit

Build a great sounding acoustic guitar on the first try from premium tonewoods precision machined right in our Ohio shop.

Tools for Inlay + Pearl Cutting

Looking for that first build?

You don't need a shop to build this simple and great sounding instrument.

Waverly Products

New! Waverly High Ratio Tuners

With a 21:1 gear ratio, nothing compares to the precision and super smooth feel of these handcrafted tuners.

Dreadnought and OM Guitar Kit Tool Set

Building your first kit?

We're here to help! We've got tool sets hand-selected by our team with everything you need for a successful first build.

How to Build a Ukulele
Find the perfect tool for the job

find the perfect tool for the job

We've got every tool you need for your first build to your custom masterpiece

Nut and Saddles

Choose your nut + saddle

It's easier than you think to upgrade your nut and saddle. Whether you want a blank or a preshaped time-saver, traditional bone or Tusq, we've got it.

Nut + Saddle Making Tool Set

Dial in your playability

You don't need to settle for factory saddles and nuts that sound bad and play worse. With our innovative tools it's easy to custom make your own.

Saddle Routing Jig

Cut saddles slots with ease

Don't worry about this tricky job again. This handy jig makes quick and accurate work of this challenging task.


How to Adjust the Action on an Acoustic Guitar

It's easier than you think to get the perfect action. From evaluation to final set up, we'll show you how to do it right.

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Gauged Nut Slotting File Set for Acoustic Guitar

Get perfect action at the nut

These files are the right gauges for cutting and shaping acoustic guitar nuts. Get proper height with no buzzing!

Essential Fretting Tool Set

Do your own fret work

Want to learn how to get started with fret work, but aren't sure how to start or which tools to choose? This set makes it easy to dial in your frets.

Acoustic Guitar Kit Clamp Set

Clamps for every job

Our clamps are custom built for guitar building—they're the right tools for the job! From attaching bridges to gluing up the top and back, the right clamps make every build easier.


No-fail method for making custom guitar soundhole rosettes

Brock Poling shows Dan Erlewine his method for ensuring that his custom rosewood acoustic guitar rosette inlay fits perfectly in the soundboard channel.

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Tools for Inlay + Pearl Cutting

Custom inlays your way

With our tools and instruction you can go beyond the traditional dots and inlay any shape or design you can dream of.

Go-bar Clamping System

Fast, efficient clamping!

Go-bars let you do a 2 hour job in 20 minutes.

Acoustic Guitar Kit Clamp Set

Get Precise Measurements

You'll get better results with these tools custom-made for guitar building and repair.


Fixing the angle of an acoustic neck joint

This guitar has a slightly crooked neck! Dan show you step by step how to fix it and get a great-playing guitar.

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Acoustic guitar saddle: how to cut the slot

Cutting the saddle slot it critical for an acoustic guitar to play in tune. Dan shows you how to locate and cut the saddle for perfect intonation.

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