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Collapse Luthier ToolsLuthier Tools
Collapse Tools by JobTools by Job
Tools for Bending Sides
Collapse Tools for BindingTools for Binding
Foredom Power Tools
Precision Router Base
Tools for Bridges
Tools for Crack + Brace Repair
Collapse Tools for Electronics + PickupsTools for Electronics + Pickups
Pickup building
Collapse Tools for FinishingTools for Finishing
Repair + Touchup
Collapse Tools for FrettingTools for Fretting
Fingerboard cleaner, stain and oil
Jigs and fixtures
Polishing and abrasives
Pullers, nippers, sizing
Saws and slots
Shaping and crowning
Stewart-MacDonald Fretwire
Tools for Gluing
Collapse Tools for Inlay + Pearl CuttingTools for Inlay + Pearl Cutting
Foredom Power Tools
Precision Router Base
Tools for Inspection
Tools for Knob + Bushing Pulling
Tools for Leveling
Tools for Maintenance
Tools for Measuring
Tools for Necks + Fingerboards
Tools for Nuts + Saddles
Tools for Pickguards
Tools for Sanding
Tools for Truss Rods
Tools for Tuner Installation
Tools for Violins
Collapse Types of ToolsTypes of Tools
Chisels + Knives
Drill Bits
Glue Pot
Go-Bar System
Jigs + Fixtures for Guitar Building + Repair
Parts Trays + Guitar Parts Organizers
Pliers + Cutters
Collapse Routers + BitsRouters + Bits
Collapse RoutersRouters
Foredom Power Tools
Routing Templates
Stringwinders + Bridge Pin Pullers
Taps + Dies
Our Newest Tools
StewMac Tool Sets
Tool Lists for Lutherie Schools
Collapse Hardware + PartsHardware + Parts
Collapse Bridges + TailpiecesBridges + Tailpieces
Collapse Bridges + Tailpieces for Electric GuitarBridges + Tailpieces for Electric Guitar
Bigsby Vibrato Tailpieces
Floyd Rose Tremolos
Non-trem Bridge Parts
Non-trem Bridges
Non-trem Tailpiece Parts
Non-trem Tailpieces
Tremolo Parts
Tune-o-matic Parts
Bridges for Acoustic Guitar
Bridges + Tailpieces for Archtop Guitar
Bridges for Classical Guitar
Bridges + Tailpieces for Resonator Guitar
Bridges + Tailpieces for Electric Bass
Bridges + Tailpieces for Banjo
Bridges + Tailpieces for Mandolin
Bridges for Ukulele
Bridges + Tailpieces for Violin / Fiddle
Case Parts
Endpins + Bridge Pins
Jack Plates
Nuts + Washers
Screws + Springs
Strap Buttons
String Trees + Retainers
Truss Rod Covers
Collapse Tuning MachinesTuning Machines
Solid Peghead Guitar Tuning Machines
Slotted Peghead Guitar Tuning Machines
Classical Guitar Tuning Machines
Electric Bass Tuning Machines
Banjo Tuning Machines
Mandolin Tuning Machines
Ukulele Tuning Machines
Violin Tuners
Dulcimer Tuners
Tuner Parts
Collapse All Hardware + Parts by InstrumentAll Hardware + Parts by Instrument
Collapse Electric Guitar PartsElectric Guitar Parts
Electric Guitar Brackets
Collapse Electric Guitar Bridges + TailpiecesElectric Guitar Bridges + Tailpieces
Bigsby Vibrato Tailpieces for Electric Guitar
Floyd Rose Tremolos + Parts
Non-trem Electric Guitar Bridge Parts
Non-trem Electric Guitar Bridges
Non-trem Electric Guitar Tailpiece Parts
Non-trem Electric Guitar Tailpieces
Electric Guitar Tremolo Parts
Electric Guitar Tremolos
Tune-o-matic Bridge Parts
Tune-o-matic Bridges
Electric Guitar Covers + Plates
Electric Guitar Knobs
Electric Guitar Nuts + Washers
Electric Guitar Pickguards
Electric Guitar Saddles
Electric Guitar Screws + Springs
Electric Guitar Strap Buttons
Electric Guitar String + Neck Ferrules
Electric Guitar String Trees + Retainers
Electric Guitar Truss Rod Covers
Electric Guitar Tuning Machine Heads
Collapse Acoustic Guitar PartsAcoustic Guitar Parts
Acoustic Guitar Bridges + Tailpieces
Acoustic Guitar Endpins + Bridge Pins
Acoustic Guitar Pickguards
Acoustic Guitar Strap Buttons
Acoustic Guitar Truss Rod Covers
Acoustic Guitar Tuning Machine Heads
Collapse Archtop Guitar PartsArchtop Guitar Parts
Archtop Guitar Bridges + Tailpieces
Archtop Guitar Pickguards
Archtop Guitar Strap Buttons
Archtop Guitar Truss Rod Covers
Archtop Guitar Tuning Machine Heads
Classical Guitar Parts
Resonator Guitar Parts
Collapse Electric Bass PartsElectric Bass Parts
Electric Bass Bridges
Electric Bass Covers + Plates
Electric Bass Knobs
Electric Bass Nuts + Washers
Electric Bass Pickguards
Electric Bass Strap Buttons
Electric Bass String + Neck Ferrules
Electric Bass String Trees + Retainers
Electric Bass Tuning Machine Heads
Collapse Banjo PartsBanjo Parts
Banjo Armrests
Banjo Bridges + Tailpieces
Banjo Heads
Banjo Hooks + Hardware
Banjo Pot Assemblies
Banjo Rim Rods
Banjo Tension Hoops
Banjo Tone Rings
Banjo Truss Rod Covers
Banjo Tuning Machine Heads
Collapse Mandolin PartsMandolin Parts
Mandolin Bridges + Tailpieces
Mandolin Truss Rod Covers
Mandolin Tuning Machine Heads
Ukulele Parts
Violin + Fiddle Parts
Dulcimer Parts
New Hardware + Parts
Collapse Pickups + ElectronicsPickups + Electronics
Collapse PickupsPickups
Acoustic Guitar Pickups
Archtop Guitar Pickups
Banjo Pickups
Bass Pickups
Electric Guitar Pickups
Mandolin Pickups
Resonator Guitar Pickups
Ukulele Pickups
Violin Pickups
Preamps + Cables
Collapse Pedal Kits + PartsPedal Kits + Parts
Pedal Kits
Collapse Components + PartsComponents + Parts
Battery Clips + Holders
Black Ice Overdrive
Capacitors + Resistors
Nuts + Washers for Pots + Jacks
Collapse Pickup Kits + PartsPickup Kits + Parts
Humbucker Pickup Kits + Parts
Mini Humbucker Pickup Kits + Parts
P-90 Pickup Kits + Parts
Pickup Kits + Parts for Strat
Pickup Kits + Parts for Tele
Pickup Kits + Parts for Jazz and P-Bass
Mix + Save on All Pickup Kits
Collapse Amp Kits + PartsAmp Kits + Parts
Amplifier Kits
Collapse Amplifier PartsAmplifier Parts
Amp + Cabinet Corners
Cleaners + Lubricants
Fuses + Sockets
Grill Cloth + Tolex + Piping
Jacks + Plugs
Lights + Power
Potentiometers (Pots)
Reverb Tanks + Parts
Solder Lugs + Terminal Strips
Tube Sockets + Retainers
Amplifier Tools
Collapse Tubes (Valves)Tubes (Valves)
Collapse Replacement Tube SetsReplacement Tube Sets
Fender Amp Tube Sets
Marshall Amp Tube Sets
Orange Amp Tube Sets
Vox Amp Tube Sets
Contact Cleaner
Pickup Winding
Soldering Tools + Supplies for Electric Guitar
Wiring Kits
New Pickups + Electronics
Collapse Materials + SuppliesMaterials + Supplies
Collapse Binding + TrimBinding + Trim
Plastic Binding
Side Dots
Wood Binding + Purfling
Collapse Bodies + Necks + WoodBodies + Necks + Wood
Collapse Electric Guitar Bodies + Necks + WoodElectric Guitar Bodies + Necks + Wood
Electric Guitar Body Blanks
Electric Guitar Fingerboards
Electric Guitar Necks
Shaped Bodies
Collapse Acoustic Guitar WoodAcoustic Guitar Wood
Acoustic Guitar Backs + Sides
Braces + Blocks + Blanks for Acoustic Guitar
Acoustic Guitar Fingerboards
Acoustic Guitar Kerfing
Dreadnought + Triple-O Guitar Kits
Acoustic Guitar Necks
Acoustic Guitar Soundboards + Tops
Collapse Archtop Guitar WoodArchtop Guitar Wood
Archtop Guitar Backs + Tops + Sides
Archtop Guitar Braces + Blanks
Archtop Guitar Fingerboards
Archtop Guitar Kerfing
Archtop Guitar Necks
Collapse Electric Bass Bodies + Necks + WoodElectric Bass Bodies + Necks + Wood
Body Blanks for Bass
Bass Fingerboards
Bass Necks
Banjo Wood
Collapse Mandolin WoodMandolin Wood
F5 Mandolin Kits
Ukulele Wood
Violin + Fiddle Wood
Dulcimer Wood
Cleaners + Lubricants
Collapse Finishing SuppliesFinishing Supplies
Colors + Tints + Stains
Fillers + Putties
Collapse Finishes + SolventsFinishes + Solvents
ColorTone Aerosol Lacquer
ColorTone Spraying Lacquer
ColorTone Waterbase Finishes
Collapse Glues + AdhesivesGlues + Adhesives
Applicators + Pipettes
Collapse GluesGlues
Binding Glue
StewMac Epoxies
StewMac Super Glues
Wood Glues
Tapes + Adhesives
Collapse Inlay + PearlInlay + Pearl
Pearl + Abalone Blanks
Pre-cut Inlays
Collapse Nuts + SaddlesNuts + Saddles
Mix + Save on All Bone Nuts + Saddles
Pickguard Materials
Collapse Sanding + PolishingSanding + Polishing
Buffing + Polishing
Sandpaper + Finishing Papers
Collapse Truss RodsTruss Rods
Adjustable Truss Rods
Adjusting Nuts for Truss Rods
Carbon fiber
Non-adjustable Rods for Neck Reinforcement
New Materials + Supplies
Collapse Instrument KitsInstrument Kits
Dulcimer Kits
Collapse Guitar KitsGuitar Kits
Acoustic Guitar Kits
Electric Guitar Kits
Mandolin Kits
Ukulele Kits
Violin Kits
Collapse AccessoriesAccessories
Aeris Guitar Shipping System
Apparel + Mugs
Bar Stools
Capos + Slides
Electronic Tuners
Feedback Control
Hand Exercisers
Hearing Protection
Humidity Control + Monitoring
Instrument Cables
Instrument Repair Tags
Parts Trays For Your Shop and Home
Power Supplies + Batteries
Stands + Hangers
Collapse StringsStrings
Acoustic Guitar Strings
Banjo Strings
Bass Strings
Classical Guitar Strings
Dulcimer Strings
Electric Guitar Strings
Mandolin Strings
Pedal Steel Strings
Resonator Strings
Ukulele Strings
Violin Strings
Collapse How-ToHow-To
Collapse BooksBooks
Guitar Building + Repair + Setup Books
Guitar Electronics + Wiring Books
Guitar Finishing + Repair Books
Fretting Books
Inlay + Pearl Cutting Books
Blueprints + Plans
Collapse DVDDVD
Guitar Building + Repair + Setup DVDs
Dan Erlewine's Repair Series
Guitar Electronics + Wiring DVDs
Fretting DVDs
Collapse Online ResourcesOnline Resources
Learn About String Action + Setup
How to Install and Repair Instrument Binding + Purfling
Learn About Guitar Bridge and Tailpiece Installation and Repair
Learn About Building Instruments + Kits
Learn About Instrument Finishing + Finish Repair
Learn About Guitar and Instrument Fretting + Fretwork
Hardware Installation
Inlay + Engraving
Jigs + Fixtures
Kit Building
Neck Building + Repair + Setup
Learn About Guitar Nut + Saddle Setup + Repair
Learn About Pickguard Making + Repair
Learn About Guitar Pickups + Electronics + Wiring
Learn About Repair Tools + Repair Techniques
Routing + Templates
Learn About Truss Rod Installation + Repair
Guitar Tuning Machine Installation + Repair Information
Tool Demo Videos
Trade Secrets!
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