StewMac Ukulele Kits

StewMac Ukulele Kits

StewMac Ukulele Kits Soprano


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StewMac Ukulele Kits Concert


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StewMac Ukulele Kits Tenor


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StewMac Ukulele Kits Baritone


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StewMac Ukulele Kits

About This Item

Ukulele's are one of the hottest instruments on the market right now, people love them and just can't get enough of them. They make a great place to start if you're a new builder looking for that first project. They're simple, easy and a ton of fun (plus, they sound amazing!)

NEW! Now available in baritone!

No Woodworking Experience Required!
We give you detailed instructions and bracing plans to guide you through each step of the build, from start to finish!

To reduce spring-back and aid stability the back and sides are made from high quality mahogany laminates—this will go a long way to ensuring your first build is painless and enjoyable. Available in soprano, concert, tenor, and now baritone sizes.

    Included with each kit
  • Solid mahogany top
  • Laminated mahogany back
  • Laminated mahogany sides
  • Fully shaped mahogany neck with two dowel pins for neck joint
  • Walnut fretboard, slotted and inlaid with position markers
  • Tuners with mounting hardware
  • Shaped string nut
  • Carved, drilled walnut bridge
  • Shaped saddle
  • Plastic dowel for making side dots
  • Fretwire
  • Rubber binding bands
  • Spruce braces, quartersawn and carved for top and back
  • Two spruce soundhole braces
  • Bridge plate
  • Full-size bracing plan
  • Instruction book
  • Strings

New! Baritone ukes are tuned just like a guitar
Build an instrument you can play today! If you are new to uke but play guitar, you can play this baritone right out of the box! Because it's tuned the same as the top 4 strings of your guitar—D, G, B, E, you already know how to play it! You'll be rocking on this little guy as soon as you've strung it up. And it makes a great first instrument for a child or new player.

Soprano specs
Overall length: 20-15/16" (532mm)
Scale length: 13-1/2" (343mm)
Width at the nut: 1-3/8" (35mm)

Concert specs
Overall length: 24" (610mm)
Scale length: 14-13/16" (376mm)
Width at the nut: 1-3/8" (35mm)

Tenor specs
Overall length: 25-7/8" (657mm)
Scale length: 16-7/8" (429mm)
Width at the nut: 1-3/8" (35mm)

Baritone specs
Overall length: 30" (762mm)
Scale length: 20-1/8" (513.55mm)
Width at the nut: 1-1/2" (25.4mm)
WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Product Instructions

StewMac Ukulele Kit Instructions

Downloadable assembly instructions and bracing plans for our StewMac Ukulele Kits.

Video Courses

How to Build a Ukulele Kit

Watch our extensive video series on how to build a ukulele.

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A good first build


Verified Buyer

If you're new to lutherie this product is for you. The use of laminate and plywood is kind of a turn off, but the top is solid wood, and you can't beat this price.

I wish they sold the mold for these ukuleles people who are a little further along.


I loved building this and I love playing it!!!


Verified Buyer

I can see how someone with zero experience with instruments/wood would have some difficulties, and if you don't check things such as the hole placement for the neck dowels carefully, you could have a problem. There were apparently some changes in the instructions in terms of how they measure the bridge placement. I was checking everything multiple times, watching the videos over and over, and using the fret/bridge position calculator to confirm bridge placement. I also called StewMac several times when I had a question about something. Everything turned out alright for me. To make a good instrument I think you need to do a good amount of preparation and take your time and think things through before each step.

I'm very happy with the tone of my uke, and it is reasonably well-intonated. The stain and wipe-on-poly finish look beautiful to me. I am proud of my 'customized' headstock and love the Grover friction tuners I installed.

The rubber clamping bands worked great.

Some things that came up:

The linings broke at one point when bending them, but I was able to glue them in and join the two broken pieces with glue so that there was no harm done.

The area of the neck under the fretboard nearest the body (about an inch and a half of that surface) was pretty chewed up and rough. I smoothed things out a little. The two holes in the neck for the dowels were also a little rough and I was able to clean them up with a drill bit (by hand). I bought my own dowels because the included ones weren't very consistent and one was a little cracked, and I made sure the holes mated well with the dowels.

I couldn't find a cheaper solution so I ended up breaking down and buying the swivel handle clamp from StewMac to clamp the bridge on. Expensive for one clamping job, but I'm sure I'll use it for lots of other stuff. It worked very well.

For some reason my neck ended up with a very slight back bow. My uke plays well after I've got it all set up, but I'm not sure why I couldn't get the neck perfectly flat. I will be more aware next time and see if I can keep things under control.

I found trimming the overhang of the laminated back to be tricky, but it ended up nice in the end. I remember trying several methods (different files, filing methods, sandpaper, etc.) before I got it to work. I was afraid of ruining the square edge I was aiming for. I took my time with files and am happy with the result.

Thank you for these kits, and thank you to Dan for all his invaluable videos!


Mixed feelings


Verified Buyer

I chose this because it noted being a very easy intro should be listed as, "if you have woodworking experience this will be a good intro to instrument making."
I have basically no woodworking skills and thought this would be a fun way to start. My head is spinning. Luckily, I have a friend who is capable and he's going to teach me and let me use his tools.
So, really cool project, just not a beginner project.


Baritone Ukulele Kit


Verified Buyer

A minor problem or two cropped up. The bridge plate was way small, but StewMac sent bridge plate stock and I made a replacement perfect. The dowel holes in the neck were poorly placed, not in line with one another vertically and not spaced exactly on dimension. For the mold I got a 24" square of BD 3/4" plywood and screw hooks from Home Depot. When assembled, the hooks were too high off the plywood, such that the resultant downward force clamping the back and top edges was insufficient. After gluing the back with difficulty, I went back and got eyebolts that were shorter and anchored lower against the mold. Still, gluing the top on (after turning the body upside down in the mold) proved even more difficult. Photo shows every heavy object I could find in my basement shop in place to force the glue joint together. This led to the discovery (after the fact) that the "mold" plywood had warped on the workbench such that the middle bowed upward. The bow was imperceptible, but nevertheless important, as the sides of the uke could not be forced into the mold and into a plane at the same time. The wipe-on poly finish was a little messy, first time use. This was a Christmas gift and my son will not give it back for a final setup job.


Nice kit and starter project


Verified Buyer

This is my first attempt to build an acoustic instrument, and is preparing me for my ultimate goal...building a Triple O 12 fret acoustic guitar. But, the Uke gives me the opportunity to learn and enter the 'guitar building' experience at a lower cost. I currently have the body and neck built, and I am ready to stain and finish the body and neck. I will also experiment with cutting my logo out of mother of pearl and making an inlay for the headstock. The parts, wood and instructions are all high quality, and the on-line videos are very good and helpful. Looking forward to my next ES335 and then the Triple O 12 fret acoustic guitar.


StewMac Baritone Ukulele Kit


Verified Buyer

Enjoyed building this. I could be wrong but the top being braced more like a guitar than with fan bracing keeps this baritone ukulele from sounding muddy. Nice mellow but with definition - I like it. Gotta take care when drilling the holes to accommodate the neck/body joint as the holes aren't perfectly centered. All in all a very nice sounding baritone uke for the money, and an enjoyable time building it. Thanks StewMac.


Yes Uke Can!


Verified Buyer

I've commented here before...I just wanted to thank you for your latest email...a nice vignette about one builder's customization efforts for his ukulele kit. Particularly timely and relevant for me, as a first-time builder...taking my time, and especially so as I work on customization..a bit of binding and inlay work. Kit building and customization...learning new skills and loving it!

Also, commenting as a Montrealer, might the fellow commenter from France mean "I am in *no* (as opposed to *any*) way disappointed..."? This would be consistent with his 5 star rating. (I face similar challenges when I use negatives and double negatives in my second language...French.)


ukulele tenor kit # 5354


Verified Buyer

Ordered on 12 14 2018, I well received the uke on 12 31 2018 via USPS to France. Well packaged, all parts are present, whithout any defect, with even an extra tuner screw and side dot dowelI (I think in case of possible loss, it's a nice attention).

The top is slightly twisted, which is naturel for solid wood, and will flatten up after braces laying.
Grain of laminated back and sides are in line with the top and corresponds to the pictures in the assembly instructions booklet.

Unfamiliar with technical English. I first undertook the traductions of the assembly instructions, that I found very clear and precise, well illustrated and perfectly complemented by the free videos offered by your site.

Eventually, for foreign buyers, it would have been desirable to indicate them more precisely about the custom fees : I had to pay 34.00 € more for France. Altough this is part of the purchase from USA, it's almost half of the kit price.

However, it remains largely competitive compared to the quality/price ratio with all kits that can be found in Europe.

I am in any way disappointed with this purchase, up to the reputation of StewMac, and I thank you for advance for this product and have great hope in my success for this building.


Definitely a Beginner Level Project: Will Produce a Beginner Level Instrument


Verified Buyer

After building several guitars I wanted to try a baritone ukulele. Baritone uke plans are hard to find, and kits even more so. I bought this one too hastily, planning to give the finished product to my nephew who already plays a baritone uke. Once I received the kit I realized the instrument he already owns is almost certainly better than what I can make with the StewMac kit. Among the deficiencies: the neck-to-body joint is an inherently weak end grain butt joint. The back is flat, not arched. The body does not taper in thickness from lower to upper bout. The veneer on back and sides is paper thin if not thinner. There is no rosette and no binding. I will use the parts and plans as patterns for making an instrument from scratch. This is probably a great product for beginners, but I think it is too basic to satisfy most folks with prior experience and a well equipped shop. I would have happily paid more for solid wood, quality joinery and professional quality detailing.


Great gift


Verified Buyer

Bought this for my husbands birthday and he loved it. He can’t wait to assemble it and get to playing!!

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