Enamel Coated Pickup Coil Wire

Enamel Coated Pickup Coil Wire

42 AWG

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43 AWG

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Enamel Coated Pickup Coil Wire

About This Item

As used in vintage Gibson and Fender pickups, this wire is a favorite for repairing old pickups and winding new replicas.

The plain enamel coating varies slightly in thickness, unlike more consistent modern poly-coated wire. This gives individual pickups a unique, more raw sound.

Each 1/2-pound roll has over 25,000 feet of wire, enough to wind 5-6 single-coil pickups, or 2-3 humbuckers.

42 AWG (American Wire Gauge) is the standard coil wire used in humbuckers, Strat® pickups, and Tele® bridge pickups.

43 AWG is used at the Tele neck position and in Rickenbacker pickups. 43-gauge wire requires fewer windings to attain a desired coil resistance.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.

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Schatten #42 gauge, enamel coated wire.


Verified Buyer

I'm a hobbyist, not a shop. I am on my second roll of this wire and have rewound several single coil and humbucker pickups with the first roll, (and several more with #43 gauge enamel). I have been pleased with the results and other people have told me the pickups "sound good". I have not used the poly coated (or Formvar) yet so I can't comment on differences.
I'm happy... I made a second purchase.


Spot on!


Verified Buyer

This is the best plain enamel I have found to re-do old pickups and to wind my new vintage PAFs. It is color correct for all but the more purplish wire found on some from the 50s. The resistance seems very consistent, so I can assume the actual conductor diameter must also be consistent. Yea, modern manufacturing progress!


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