Hum Buster Guitar Shielding Set

Hum Buster Guitar Shielding Set

Hum Buster Guitar Shielding Set

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Hum Buster Guitar Shielding Set

About This Item

Everything you need to tame the dreaded 60 cycle hum and silence your pickups. Don't let pickup noise ruin your jam! Improve your electric guitar forever in less than an hour.

Pickups are the soul of your electric guitar, but they can be cranky. Single coils hum, and fluorescent lights and RF signals make any guitar buzzy and noisy as soon as you plug in. You don't need to know anything about guitar repair to fix this yourself. On the first try you can make a pro level repair with a few tools and a little guidance. Once you shield one guitar, you'll want to fix them all.

Shield any instrument
In this set you'll get conductive shielding paint and a set of glue brushes to quickly shield the pickup and control cavities, three sizes of conductive copper tape to shield any pickups and all sizes of cavities (this tape accepts solder), pickguard shielding foil for the back of pickguards (essential for Fender guitars), and our favorite razor knife to cut and trim the tape and foil cleanly.

Spend more time chasing tone, not noise!

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Excellent products now in a packaged set. If you own a Strat, you need these.


Some years ago, I purchased a nice Squier Deluxe Stratocaster SSS which I then modded with Seymour pups and American made pots, caps and switch. It really sounded good but, like most Strats, it was very prone to hum. StewMac hadn’t packaged these products at that time, so I bought each of them individually, painted EVERY cavity and lined the pick guard and back cover with foil. I now may have the quietest Strat on the planet. I once had the chance to compare my axe with an American made Fender under some fluorescent lighting and mine was hum-free. Didn’t make the sales guy very happy but I was! ?? Highly recommended.


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