EMG ACS Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Pickup

EMG ACS Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Pickup


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EMG ACS Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Pickup

About This Item

The ACS is EMG's solution for players looking for a great amplified acoustic guitar tone without the feedback issues. Offering a broader frequency range than a piezo pickup, the EMG ACS delivers authentic acoustic tone with enough volume to play alongside a large band.

The ACS employs a unique internal preamp that's been tailored for the phase and frequency response of an acoustic guitar while still retaining a brilliant top-end favored in acoustic guitar tone. Used by champion finger style players and rockers alike, this easy to install acoustic pickup is the answer to your acoustic woes.

    ACS Soundhole Pickup Specifications:
  • EMG's Exclusive Solderless Install System
  • Resonant Frequency: 14KHz
  • Output Noise: -96dbV
  • Output Impedance (Ohms): 2K
  • Output Voltage: 0.5V
  • Current Requirement @ 6 Volts (Microamps): 220
  • Maximum Supply (Volts DC): 27
    ACS Features:
  • Connect Cables
  • End Pin Jack with Cable
  • Cable Keepers
  • Battery Bag
  • Allen Wrenches (.062 & .093 Inches)
  • Velcro Dot

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