EarthQuaker Devices White Light Pedal Kit

EarthQuaker Devices White Light Pedal Kit

Earthquaker Devices White Light Pedal Kit

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EarthQuaker Devices White Light Pedal Kit

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Rare · Vintage · Hard to Get
When you can't buy it, BUILD IT

StewMac has partnered with boutique pedal maker EarthQuaker Devices to create a line of DIY kits—replicas of discontinued pedals that have been out of production for some time, but now you can build your own!

We provide the top quality components and illustrated instructions, now you make all the connections and personalize the enclosure for your one-of-a-kind look.

  • Genuine EarthQuaker Devices circuits and components
  • Easy StewMac instructions and tech support

The White Light Overdrive is based on vintage overdrives that defined the sounds of classic hard rock. This vintage voiced stompbox is similar to a vintage DOD 250 or MXR Distortion+, but don't mistake it for a direct clone of these OD's of yesteryear. The White Light gives total control over the voice of the dirt along with a modern presence that is both dynamic and responsive to your playing. The Weight control allows you to adjust the saturation and low end, giving you plenty of tonal shaping options. The White Light Overdrive doesn't discriminate – it likes both humbuckers and single coils, and will add some real 70s grit to your tone. The Compression switch lets you choose between an open voiced overdrive with more high-mids and bite, or more compression with less bite and better mid-range.

Gain - adjust the amount of distortion
Weight - modify the saturation, bass response, and overall feel of the sound
Level - adjust to level of output
Compression Switch - control compression, mid-range freqs, and bite

True bypass so signal chain is unaffected when White Light is switched off.

Our DIY kit includes:
Metal pedal enclosure
Circuit board
Control knobs
Stomp switch
Input/Output jacks
Op-amp and socket
LED + LED mounting bezel
DC power connector
Ribbon cable and wire

This pedal requires a standard 9V DC center-negative power supply (not included) and consumes less than 100mA. There's no battery option.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Excellent pedal project!


Verified Buyer

I was a bit wary of buying a kit, but after looking over the fantastic instructions, I made the plunge, I was very impressed!

This kit has quality components and the instructions were spot on. With that said, my advice to anyone buying this (or any other StewMac kit) is this:
1. Read the instructions. Then read them again.
2. Now read them one more time. Beginning to end. Familiarize yourself with the steps and all the parts.
3. Read the instructions again! Don't try to skip around or trying on your own - the instructions are very well laid out and are in a logical, almost fool-proof format.
4. Before you start, get some doorbell wire from Home Depot or Lowes or any store. The wire provided is good but there is ZERO room for error when cutting and stripping.
5. Have a decent soldering iron, good solder (I am partial to Kesler but any flux-solder will do), an ohm meter as the resistors are really small and it is impossible to read the color codes (you can get one free from Harbor Freight if you watch the sales fliers...), quality electronic pliers and wire cutters, and a quality wire stripper. It is good to have some rubbing alcohol and a acid brush for flux clean up after soldering.
6. Get the head-magnifier that Dan Erlewine wears - it really is helpful!
7. Have fun painting the box just make sure you do it before any assembly.
8. Do not be afraid or hesitant to call or email customer service - they are fantastic. patient and will do everything possible (including sending replacement parts even if you screw up!) to make sure your project is a success.

Have fun! Now to select my next box to build....!!!!




Verified Buyer

Great kit, great sound. Best instructions I've seen (in color!)--
even better than the old Heathkit days. And a great deal!

Well laid-out board with quality components--which says a lot about Earthquaker Devices. Lots of hookup wires (of course)
to the jacks and foot switch, but the three pots and toggle switch
are mounted to the board (saving time, but requiring some
heavy-duty soldering). You'll need small and large pencil irons
or a soldering station. Some kind of clamp or vice is needed
to hold the board during soldering.

One hint: ignore the pin 1 marking on the foot switch and follow
the instructions to install with part number marking on the bottom.

The pedal is truly easy to use:: every combination of knob settings yields
a usable tone. And being able to turn off compression is a great feature.
Don't be put off by the silicon diode clipping -- this circuit has extensive
filtering to soften the sound and make it more controllable. And it's quiet.

I decided to paint the box white before assembly. The final result is a very
professional looking pedal that has become a personal favorite.

I'm very glad I bought this kit. Thanks, StewMac for making it available!


Easy build


Verified Buyer

Sounds great.