EarthQuaker Devices Monarch Pedal Kit

EarthQuaker Devices Monarch Pedal Kit


Earthquaker Devices Monarch Pedal Kit

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EarthQuaker Devices Monarch Pedal Kit

About This Item

Rare · Vintage · Hard to Get
When you can't buy it, BUILD IT

StewMac has partnered with boutique pedal maker EarthQuaker Devices to create a line of DIY kits—replicas of discontinued pedals that have been out of production for some time, but now you can build your own!

We provide the top quality components and illustrated instructions, now you make all the connections and personalize the enclosure for your one-of-a-kind look.

  • Genuine EarthQuaker Devices circuits and components
  • Easy StewMac instructions and tech support

The Monarch Overdrive is an all discrete, FET-based dirt machine. It's designed around the input stage of a vintage amp but configured to produce higher gains that sound very open and free of unnatural compression.

The Monarch gives big bottom end with a snappy, bright top at all gain ranges with some careful tuning of the treble and bass controls. The treble and bass controls function as frequency boosters, not the traditional roll off filters in most overdrives. They are located in the preamp section and have a large impact on the over all tone, nature and distortion characteristics. If you are looking for an overdrive for big fat chords with excellent low end retention, this is it!

  • FET-based, discrete circuitry components
  • True Bypass so signal chain is unaffected when pedal is off
  • Well-suited for stacking in the pedal chain

Treble - adds high end
Bass - adds low end
Gain - adjusts the amount of drive
Level - adjusts the output level

Our DIY kit includes:
Metal pedal enclosure
Circuit board
Control knobs
Stomp switch
Input/Output jacks
Op-amp and socket
LED + LED mounting bezel
DC power connector
Ribbon cable and wire

This pedal requires a standard 9V DC center-negative power supply (not included) and consumes less than 100mA. There's no battery option.

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