Pedal-Links Pedal Mounts

Pedal-Links Pedal Mounts

Pedal-Links Pedal Mounts

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Pedal-Links Pedal Mounts

About This Item

Use Pedal-Links to screw-mount your effects pedals with no sticky-back Velcro. Simple and effective!

Add Links at the four corners, using the pedal's existing screws. Then with the black screws provided, mount your pedal to the board. Your pedal stays put! When you eventually take the pedal off your board, there's no adhesive residue to reduce resale value.

  • 16 links and screws, to mount 4 pedals
  • Rugged, flexible plastic

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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I "invented" this


....years ago using bicycle chain links. too brittle to bend unless you take out the temper.... heat them red and let them cool. way better than velcro


Be careful!


Verified Buyer

Just spent the past week or so putting together a prime pedal board. Ordered 3 boxes of these to mount my pedals, I didn't want to use velcro.
Bottom line, they are brittle and prone to breaking. First one out of the box snapped in two in my hands. 2nd pedal (Mesa footswitch), 2 split while installing. The only way to get them on was to under-tighten. Don't feel good about this. I took them off, can't afford to take the chance that they will snap in transit or the screws will back out.
The fundamental problem I think is that the parts are brittle and not flexible. This, combined with the fact that most pedals that you can use this with use countersunk screws that, when screwed in, spread the hole out in the link until it snaps.

Something closer to a stiff rubber that can stretch a bit yet is tough enough not to break would make his a viable product.

I looked at the rest of my pedals, and it looks like just about all of them have either countersunk screws or feet, so they won't work anyway.

Too bad. I'll be sending the remainder back, and using a Command Strip velcro product that has the adhesive that you can pull off cleanly anytime you want.