Free-Way 5-Way/10-Position Pickup Switch

Free-Way 5-Way/10-Position Pickup Switch


Free-Way 5-Way/10-Position Pickup Switch

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Free-Way 5-Way/10-Position Pickup Switch

About This Item

Unlimited new tones for your guitar!
Finally! A simple solution to get more options out of your pickups, without drilling holes, installing new switches, or adding push-pull pots. Don't change the look and feel of your guitar when you can get more options with one simple upgrade.

This Free-Way 5-Way/10-Position switch takes the conventional Strat-Style 5-way switch so much further. This unique switch opens new tones and wiring options without permanent modification to your guitar.

No ugly new holes, countless new options
Designed to replace a conventional 5-way switch, it works like two 5-way switches side-by-side. While the Super Switch and Megaswitch allow for more custom wiring then traditional 5-way switches, this is the only model that will allow you easy access to 10 pickup combinations, coil tapping and splitting instantly from the same switch.

With one knob, you can click between each pickup selection in a flash. The feel of the switch is not changed—it feels just like the switch you are used to.

And—you can finally get your neck and bridge pickup together without sacrificing another pickup option. Finally get that middle position Tele® sound from your Strat® and get the fat Gibson® Les Paul® sound from your HSH guitar.

Professional quality for a lifetime of use
Free-Way switches are made in England with top quality components so they'll keep working gig after gig, year after year. The solder pads are gold-plated, the switch housing is stainless steel.

And it even includes two knobs! One white and one black to get the right look.

The switch easily replaces conventional 5-way switches.

Unlock the tone of all three of your pickups!

  • Body cavity depth required: 1-11/32" (34mm)
  • Mounting screw spacing: 1-5/8" (41.28mm)
  • Lever stem: .050" x .190" (1.27mm x 4.82mm)
  • Pickguard slot required: 1/16" x 1-1/16" (1.59mm x 26.99mm) (for the lever)

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


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10 Way Switch. Wow!


Verified Buyer

Alright, the whole thing was more complicated than just wiring it in. I have switching pots to throw my humbuckers into series or parallel with themselves and another switching pot to pull in my bridge pickup in any position. Also have two different tone capacitors which are active in any position. If the instructions that you can download from Stewmac were not as good as they were, I might have been in trouble. There were 4 different schematics for this one switch! I picked one because it will let me put my pickups in series which I have always wanted. I think I am getting about all the variety I can out of three pickups! Except I may do a phase switch some time.
But I really like the sound of the series. With all three, it is twangy and more midrange. With the neck and the middle pickups in series it is softer and jazzier. I figured I would be messing with it for a while before working the new tones into my playing but I already am. Evidently the switch is really good stuff because I am not a great wiring technician but it all went well first try. Yay!