Ruby Tubes 12AX7AC7 Preamp Tube

Ruby Tubes 12AX7AC7 Preamp Tube



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12AX7AC7 HG+

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Ruby Tubes 12AX7AC7 Preamp Tube

About This Item

The 12AX7AC7 features longer plates than the 12AX7AC5 resulting in warm tones and sweet overdrive. This high-gain 7025 tube is a great choice for vintage Fender amps and the middle gain stages of high gain amps looking for a little warmer sound.

  • Same as TAD 7025-S and Preferred Series 7025
  • HG+ is for use in the first stage high-gain amplifier circuits

All Ruby Preamp Tubes are tested by Magic Parts™ for quality assurance and selected for low microphonics and hum. This ensures that even the highest gain tubes will be quiet and dependable. Ruby Tubes come with a 6-month manufacturer's warranty.


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Believe them when they say NOT to use these in the first position of a hi gain amp. Of the four tubes 1 was noisy in any position. The other three sounded good in the phase inverter. In the first position these three good ones had a little "crap-out" noise only on certain notes, mostly around B3.