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  • Carbon Composite Resistor

    Carbon Composite Resistor

    Carbon composition resistors are made by mixing carbon particles with a binder molded into a cylindrical shaped, and then baked. Resistance decreases as temperature increases. Resistance is more prone to drifting than with other types. Standard 'classic' resistor.

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  • Carbon Film Resistor

    Carbon Film Resistor

    Carbon Film resistors are made by vacuum depositing a thin carbon film on a ceramic form. A good choice for applications which require a steady, low power drop.

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  • Metal Oxide Resistor

    Metal Oxide Resistor

    Metal Oxide resistors are for applications where stability under high temperature conditions is required.

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  • Ceramic Resistor

    Ceramic Resistor

    Wire Wound power resistors are made by wrapping a length of high resistance wire onto an insulating form. Ceramic flame retardant package. Exceptionally small, sturdy and reliable.

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