StewMac Triple-O Acoustic Guitar Kit

StewMac Triple-O Acoustic Guitar Kit

StewMac Triple-O Acoustic Guitar Kit Mahogany Back & Sides, Sitka Top, Dovetail Neck

Mahogany Back & Sides, Sitka Top, Dovetail Neck

Item # 5297
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StewMac Triple-O Acoustic Guitar Kit Mahogany Back & Sides, Sitka Top, Bolt-on Neck

Mahogany Back & Sides, Sitka Top, Bolt-on Neck

Item # 5324
In stock, ready to ship!


StewMac Triple-O Acoustic Guitar Kit Mahogany Back & Sides, Torrefied Top, Dovetail Neck

Mahogany Back & Sides, Torrefied Top, Dovetail Neck

Item # 5297-T
In stock, ready to ship!


StewMac Triple-O Acoustic Guitar Kit Mahogany Back & Sides, Torrefied Top, Bolt-on Neck

Mahogany Back & Sides, Torrefied Top, Bolt-on Neck

Item # 5324-T
In stock, ready to ship!


StewMac Triple-O Acoustic Guitar Kit Indian Rosewood Back & Sides, Sitka Top, Dovetail Neck

Indian Rosewood Back & Sides, Sitka Top, Dovetail Neck

Item # 5298
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StewMac Triple-O Acoustic Guitar Kit Indian Rosewood Back & Sides, Sitka Top, Bolt-on Neck

Indian Rosewood Back & Sides, Sitka Top, Bolt-on Neck

Item # 5325
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StewMac Triple-O Acoustic Guitar Kit Indian Rosewood Back & Sides, Torrefied Top, Dovetail Neck

Indian Rosewood Back & Sides, Torrefied Top, Dovetail Neck

Item # 5298-T
In stock, ready to ship!


StewMac Triple-O Acoustic Guitar Kit Indian Rosewood Back & Sides, Torrefied Top, Bolt-on Neck

Indian Rosewood Back & Sides, Torrefied Top, Bolt-on Neck

Item # 5325-T
In stock, ready to ship!


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StewMac Triple-O Acoustic Guitar Kit

About This Item

Torrefied tops now available!
Build a great sounding 000-size guitar from AAA-grade tonewoods. Start with the advantage of precision machining from our Ohio shop.

  • Carved mahogany neck
  • Accurately bent sides
  • Bookmatched back, joined and cut to shape
  • AAA spruce top with soundhole and rosette channel
  • Solid ebony fingerboard, bridge, and overlays

Designed with your success in mind
With the kit, you get a lot of help to make sure your guitar turns out great. The full-size blueprint is modeled after a prized vintage Martin, and shows exactly how every part fits. A sturdy cardboard body mold holds the guitar sides in the perfect contour as you build.

The instruction book is really a short course in guitarmaking, by luthiers Todd Sams and Dan Erlewine; no other kit has anything like it. Todd and Dan made the step-by-step DVD that's included with the kit, too (over $40 value). From start to finish, these guitarmakers guide you to a successful build.

You don't need a big shop
We've done the critical machining, so the neck joint and other parts fit well right from the start.

A slotted bone nut and shaped bone saddle are included, along with inlays, bindings and our two-way Hot Rod truss rod. (We know that tuning machines are something you'll prefer to choose for yourself.)

New torrefied spruce option
Choose a torrefied spruce top for the stability, tone and look of well-aged vintage wood. This high-temperature, low-oxygen kiln drying improves the wood, similar to decades of natural aging.

    Included in our kits:
  • Solid AAA tonewoods: Spruce, Indian Rosewood and Mahogany
  • Precisely machined neck joint at the 12-fret, dovetail or bolt-on
  • Bridge pins, end pin, frets, bindings, rosette and trim
  • Hot Rod two-way adjustable truss rod
  • Precut heavy cardboard moldsĀ for trouble-free body assembly
  • Full-size blueprint and bracing template
  • Illustrated 36-page spiral-bound instruction book
  • Step-by-step DVD: Building an Acoustic Guitar Kit

View the complete parts list (PDF file 105KB).

What tools do you need to build this kit?
Our kit instructions has a complete list of all tools and supplies needed. We offer easy-to-order sets of the tools that kit builders find most useful.


Product Instructions

Triple-O Guitar Kit Instructions

Downloadable assembly instructions for the 000 Guitar Kit, including a recommended tool and supplies list.

John Calkin's Review of StewMac's Acoustic Guitar Kit

Luthier John Calkin built and reviewed our rosewood acoustic guitar kit for American Lutherie, the journal of the Guild of American Luthiers.

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third dreadnaught kit done.


I built the rosewood kit with torriefied top because I just like to build them. It sounds and looks great, and I will be finding it a new home soon, then I'll get another Kit to build this winter.


Outstanding Experience


Verified Buyer

After some restauration work on older guitars i began to think about a kitbuild. I read some books about guitarbuilding and researched tools. I have a little bit of woodworking background where many family members were carpenter and i already had the most tools. I ordered the kit and noticed there was a problem with the neck - the outstanding customer service sent me a new one to germany in about 1 week.

The wood quality and hardware of the kit is very good quality. One thing i didn´t really liked was the black plastic binding as i like as much wood as possible on a guitar. I know stew mac put these into the kit because its not easy to bend wooden bindings. I ordered ebony bindings and did the bending with a straightener for hair. I built the kit in my livingroom, kitchen and also bedroom. I had to learn some new tricks and also bought some new tools. The whole build took me 72hours. During the time i made a lot of errors, learned a lot more and the guitar turned out pretty well sounding and better looking then expected. The resonance is very good, the guitar is loud, clear and balanced. Its hard to describe the sound but its special. With Truoil on the torrified it became a nice vintage look and all my friends who played the guitar were impressed with the sound and looks.

I am very proud and cant wait for the next winter where i want to build the dreadnought. The Problem now is: I´m not interested in my other guitars anymore and can sell all of them now. Its crazy but they dont feel as good as "my" Guitar. For me it was a very special experience: I built an instrument with my hands and now i am making music on it. This is really MY Guitar.


Great Guitar kit. Fun to play and it sounds good too!


Verified Buyer

I am not a wood worker and I have a limited amount work space and tools but I still went ahead and bought the OOO kit along with the some tools; fretting files, scrapers, etc. I took my time and researched everything when it came time to do something that I have never done before. Which was everything. Slowly it came together. The wood and parts are all high quality and I appreciate the expert help that I received, when needed, from the StewMac technical help folks. Also the DVD was a great resource.

Bottom line this kit is well worth it. I have recently purchase the D-28 kit and this one will not take as long to build. Keep on pickin'.


Great kit and customer service!


Verified Buyer

This is my first guitar kit. Stew Mac did a great job with this kit. I recently had a problem with one of the parts but all it took was one email to Stew Mac's customer service and Larry Anderson made it right by immediately shipping me replacement parts at no cost. I am very confident that I will build a great guitar especially with Stew Mac who customer service is second to none! Thanks again! And hats off to Larry Anderson!


Excellent value, excellent materials.


Verified Buyer

Rosewood back and sides are a very good grade. Torrefied sitka top is very nice too. Looking forward to building this and playing it.


Great kit (000 Acoustic Guitar)


Verified Buyer

Kit has just arrived, well packaged and undamaged as far as I can tell. Instructions and blueprints look detailed and clear (I haven't viewed the DVD yet). A warning for other UK purchasers; I opted for one of the cheaper delivery options (USPS Priority International), but there was still import duty equating to an additional 25% of the cost of the kit. Looking forward to starting work on the build. Thanks Stewmac.


Gguitar 000


Verified Buyer

I am enjoying assembling the kit. All parts fit well. I am very pleased with the quality of the wood and the accuracy of the components.


Thrilled with this kit!


Verified Buyer

I have built my first two acoustics entirely from scratch with good results -although it took me forever. Over the past two years, I have acquired just about ALL the tools needed to bend, build and finish acoustic guitars, as well as most of the necessary skills. I've acquired enough wood to build a lifetime of acoustics, but just had to check out this kit!

It didn't hurt to study Stewmac's excellent printed instructions and view the video -you always learn a few new things. The materials (especially the torrified spruce top) are first class and everything is machined just enough to leave a good amount of work for a beginner to enjoy the challenge of completing this instrument. What's absolutely priceless is the feeling of accomplishment and the self confidence you will gain from the assembly, finishing (and of course playing) a first-rate instrument.


Love these kits


Verified Buyer

I'm a hobby builder and this is my 26th guitar. I've bent sides, carved necks, cut fret slots, and done it all. Once you've done it a few times you have decide if the goal is making a guitar or making sawdust. Either is fine, but this kit comes with 90% of the stuff I don't like to do already done, and it's done to a high caliber. The process is all that much more enjoyable and there's nothing about this kit that keeps you from building a super premium instrument.


Good Product, Excellent Service.


Verified Buyer

I Like this kit. I built another kit many years ago from another company and I will say this is a much more well thought out kit. It is a good method for building a nice guitar, given a reasonable level of skill. There are some things that could be a little more well thought out as far as assembly.

I liked the idea of not having to use an external mold. In practice I found the cardboard inner form and the clamp did not work for me. I was unable to close the gap at the waist to the required dimension. It would have worked fine had I bent the sides to fit the form but as the sides had been pre-bent for who knows how long, they were much too stiff. Another problem was that the sides had splits on the neck block ends. I repaired these but when I saw the form would not work I thought I would call your tech support.

I talked with Aaron in tech support and he sent me a different set of sides as well as blocks. I sure appreciated his help and prompt attention. In the meantime I built an external mold which solved the problem.

Overall the quality of the kit is good. The materials seem to be good quality. Other than the design issue I am satisfied with the kit and would recommend it for a first time build.

Once again I thought the service was excellent. It arrived quickly and was well packaged.



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