Limited Edition Master Grade Curly Maple OM Acoustic Guitar Kit

Limited Edition Master Grade Curly Maple OM Acoustic Guitar Kit


Dovetail Neck, Englemann Top

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Bolt-on Neck, Englemann Top

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Limited Edition Master Grade Curly Maple OM Acoustic Guitar Kit

About This Item

A stunning modern-style guitar kit
Do you love acoustic guitars that have a bold, modern style? The stunning contrast of light and dark wood and dynamic sound produced by boutique builders inspired this amazing new kit.

Our internal team of expert builders has individually hand selected 25 sets of our best, high curl, AAA Bigleaf Maple (Acer macrophyllum) and the lightest and stiffest AAA Engelmann Spruce (Picea engelmannii) tops in our inventory to create these kits.

EXTREMELY LIMITED—Only 25 available!
If you're looking to build a premium, Master Grade guitar, using the finest woods and materials, this is the perfect kit for you. If you don't have all the specialized equipment you need to thin tops or bend sides, or you want a head start that will save you hours and hours of build time, this kit has all of the critical work done so you can start and finish this build with ease.

The combination of the dark ebony, light maple and spruce give this guitar a look and sound that is attention grabbing. Once you highlight the maple figuring while finishing, this guitar will never be put down.

Not only are the the top, back, and sides top quality, everything about this kit is the highest quality possible.

    It features:
  • AAA Engelmann Spruce top with soundhole and rosette channel
  • AAA High Curl Maple back, joined and cut to shape
  • AAA High Curl Maple sides, accurately bent
  • Solid Ebony fingerboard, bridge, and overlays
  • Carved Mahogany neck, precisely machined neck joint at the 14-fret, dovetail or bolt-on
  • Quartersawn Spruce top and back braces
  • Bone nut and saddle
  • Upgraded precision-machined Waverly Ebony bridge pins and matching end pin
  • Frets, bindings, rosette and trim
  • Hot Rod two-way adjustable truss rod
  • Pre-cut heavy cardboard molds for trouble-free body assembly
  • Full-size blueprint and bracing template
  • Illustrated 36-page spiral-bound instruction book
  • 71 minute, step-by-step DVD: Building an Acoustic Guitar Kit

But wait, it gets even better—we're throwing in a set of
FREE Waverly Tuning Machines!

Because a kit of this quality deserves the finest tuning machines available, we have decided to include a set of our Waverly Tuning Machines with Polished Nickel hardware and Solid Ebony Knobs for FREE!

You don't need a big shop
If you're a new builder and don't have a shop full of specialized tools these kits are a great place to start. We've done the critical machining—from joining the tops and backs to bending the sides to milling the neck joint to ensure parts fit well right from the start.

We're with you every step of the way
When you buy one of these guitars, you get a lot more than “just” a kit, you get a complete course in guitar building.

The instruction book, written by master luthiers Todd Sams and Dan Erlewine, is extremely detailed—no other kit has anything like it. You also receive a 71-minute step-by-step DVD (over $40 value) with Todd and Dan that walks you through every part of the process to guide you to a successful build.

Plus, our expert techs are here to help. We're just a phone call away for advice or help if you need it.

Get your Limited Edition Master Grade kit before it's gone.

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Great Guitar Kit


Verified Buyer

I haven't started building this guitar yet, but everything in the kit is superb - from the wood to the trim and supplies, to the included Waverly tuners. I am thrilled with the purchase and can't wait to begin. I've been repairing and restoring low-end vintage guitars for 12 years and am ready to take the next step. I must admit I am a little daunted by the challenge of routing binding channels - nothing in what I have done thus far has prepared me for that. Will follow wisest luthier advice ever - practice on scrap!


Beautiful wood - What a deal!!!


Verified Buyer

Just received this kit. The Maple back and sides are gorgeous. And given that they include the Waverly tuners and ebony bridge pins and end pin, this is pretty much like getting the master grade wood at no extra charge above the "standard" kit. The herringbone purfling was missing from the box, but a quick phone call to StewMac customer service fixed that, and the purfling was here two days later. I haven't started on the build yet, but recently completed a "standard wood" OM, and couldn't be happier with that guitar.