Single-Cut Jr Electric Guitar Kit

Single-Cut Jr Electric Guitar Kit

Single-Cut Jr Electric Guitar Kit  Single-Cut Jr Electric Guitar Kit

Single-Cut Jr Electric Guitar Kit

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Single-cut Jr Kit + ColorTone 3-Tone Tobacco Sunburst Finishing Set

Single-cut Jr Kit + ColorTone 3-Tone Tobacco Sunburst Finishing Set

Item # 13203
In stock, ready to ship!

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Single-cut Jr Kit + ColorTone Cherry Red Finishing Set

Single-cut Jr Kit + ColorTone Cherry Red Finishing Set

Item # 13204
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Single-Cut Jr Electric Guitar Kit

About This Item

One cutaway, one pickup, limitless rock tone!
You know the sound. One big chord thundering from the stadium stage: ragged, loud, ROCK! The Single-Cut Jr has pure, classic, honest tone. No frills, nothing more than just what you need to get excited to play.

The Single-Cut Jr is a refreshingly simple guitar. Originally designed as a student model, this guitar quickly became an icon. From classic rock to punk, the Single-Cut Jr has found a home in the hands of players of all types. We've taken the best elements of this design and put together a great kit that will sound and play fantastic.

These kits are ready for you to open the box and start your build. Like our S and T-Style kits, we've made it easy for anyone to make a great guitar on their first try.

The tweaks you want, and the details you need
We took our time, listened to customer feedback, and chose the features you wanted for this timeless model. The classic elements are there—mahogany slab body, set mahogany neck, single P-90, and simple controls. The P-90 is updated from the "dogear" to the "soapbar" style for more adjustability and options if you want to change the pickup. The bridge is a vintage-style wraparound, known for its rich sustain.

Let's face it, this is a simple to build kit. Great for your first build or a fun weekend project. Each of our kits comes with the neck individually matched and fit to each body. No need to worry about getting the neck angle just right, we've dialed it in for you.

And with our series of ColorTone Lacquers and Finishes, you can make it look exactly like you've always pictured it. This model looks great in any color; we love TV Yellow or Tobacco Sunburst.

First-time builder? No sweat.
You don't need a workshop, and there's a good chance you already own most of the tools you'll need to get the job done. This kit comes with our step-by-step, beginner-friendly instructions and our highly knowledgeable staff of guitar techs are just a phone call away.

Save BIG with a Finishing Set!
Finally, you can make this guitar look amazing with the iconic colors you've always imagined—all without complicated spray equipment! ColorTone Aerosol Finishing Sets make it simple to get professional results you'll be proud of. Choose from these classic colors:

3-Tone Tobacco Sunburst Also sold separately
This iconic finish is seen on many vintage Gibson® Les Paul® Juniors. The subtle shading in the burst makes any guitar glow.

Cherry Red Also sold separately
This is the cherry finish you know from vintage SGs, Juniors, and ES-335s. The translucent finish shows off the wood grain beautifully.

    Your kit includes everything you'll need:
  • Solid Mahogany slab body
  • Neck pocket, pickup cavity and bridge holes are all drilled and routed for the perfect placement and fit
  • Shaped mahogany neck has a 2-way truss rod installed
  • Granadillo fingerboard comes pre-installed with frets and traditional dot inlays
  • Peghead is ready for your personal custom shape
  • Pre-slotted nut for perfect action
  • Chrome plated hardware—from sealed tuners to strap buttons
  • Vintage-style wraparound bridge
  • P-90 pickup with black cover
  • Quality potentiometers, caps, and wire
  • Output jack
  • Black traditional style pickguard and cover plates
  • Black knobs
  • Truss rod wrench
  • And we even include 2 sets of strings and an output cord

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


Product Instructions

Single-Cut Jr Electric Guitar Kit Instructions

Downloadable assembly instructions for the Single-Cut Jr Electric Guitar Kit.

ColorTone Aerosol Finishing Set Instructions

All the steps you need to spray a perfect finish

How to shape a custom guitar peghead

Make a signature peghead! Learn how to make a custom guitar peghead that can give your guitar a unique vibe. Using a pattern, a jigsaw and a router, see how easy it is to make a peghead template and rout a custom peghead shape into your guitar's headstock, just like the professionals.

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Fun project


Verified Buyer

The project went well and the guitar plays and sounds fine for a single pickup guitar. I upgraded to premium wiring and a Golden Age pickup. Installing the pickup was somewhat difficult and the strings weren't exactly in line with the pole pieces but still sounds OK. I finished it with a gunstock kit with walnut stain and true oil and a gunstock wax - looks great. I enjoyed the project and will enjoy playing the guitar. Volume and tone knob adjustments provide a variety of tones.


Not Completely What I Was Hoping For!


Verified Buyer

I usually build from scratch, but for the price I had to try this kit. It will make a quick build and a great Christmas present for my son. The Body wood is 3 piece mahogany and very well matched. From back and the top it looks like one piece. The neck is acceptable and the frets look adequate. Grandillo isn't my first choice of fretboard wood but can be stained black if you wanted to have an ebony looking finish. For some of you the pickup will be fine. Personally, I will replace the pots and will rewire the pickup and possibly change the magnet (I make my own pickups). The bridge resembles the original wrap around but has non movable saddles that were molded as part of the top of the Stop Tail piece. Adjustments for intonation can be made with hex screws that adjust the left and right side of the Stop Tail. No other adjustments are available sans changing the bridge. All of this I expected.

What I did't expect was the neck joint. The neck joint that is cut into the body must be corrected by using a shim. The shim must be glued in. This is not a shim that adds angle its a shim that removes angle. Additionally, it must be trimmed as it overhangs the neck joint. It will likely require some extra care to hide the seam. I will grain fill and sand until the seam no longer shows prior to painting. As far as I'm concerned, this is a repair to a incorrect design or production mistake.

The kit will make a guitar and for $169, on sale, its an attractive package. But be advised you must repair the neck joint before you build it!


Turned out better than expected.


Verified Buyer

I wanted to build a guitar. It took a couple months to finish, but I am happy with how it turned out. Upgraded the pots with the upgrade kit. Used the gloss black paint followed by the Nitro finish. The green flametop is a vinyl wrap. After a pro set-up, plays great!


Not what I expected


Verified Buyer

This turned out to be a successful project. I always wanted a guitar that I could build myself and dedicate to playing strictly slide-style guitar. The backbow in the neck was unadjustable with the truss rod, so I could leave the action way high in order to get good slide dynamic without hitting the frets.
And when I thought things couldn’t get better, I noticed very late in the build that the bridge studs were drilled off center in accordance to the pickup route hole and the neck pocket. Oh yeah, and the neck pocket had plenty of play in it so I could make adjustments due to the off center inconsistencies, before I glued it in. All I can say is WOW!!! Can’t wait to try another kit from StewMac.


Impressive Quality


Verified Buyer

I haven't finished the assembly, but I'm really impressed by the quality. I didn't expect the wood to be mahogany. This thing actually has some weight to it. The wood is darker than I thought, so I'm not sure how my color stain plans are going to work out, but I couldn't be more excited!


Great article!


Verified Buyer

Great guitar pack, complete and fun to built!!