335-Style Electric Guitar Kit

335-Style Electric Guitar Kit

335-Style Electric Guitar Kit 335-Style Electric Guitar Kit

335-Style Electric Guitar Kit

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335-Style Guitar Kit + ColorTone Cherry Sunburst Finishing Set

335-Style Guitar Kit + ColorTone Cherry Sunburst Finishing Set

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335-Style Guitar Kit + ColorTone Red Mahogany Finishing Set

335-Style Guitar Kit + ColorTone Red Mahogany Finishing Set

Item # 15201
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335-Style Electric Guitar Kit

About This Item

If you only had one guitar...
...a 335 can do anything!

You know the sound of a 335 as soon as you hear it. Clear and full or warm and thick, it's a guitar that pushed the limits of what the electric guitar could do, from the streets of Chicago to the stage at Royal Albert Hall. From rock to jazz to blues, the 335 will change the way you play, sound, and think about the guitar.

Since 1958, this semi-hollow guitar has defied convention. Designed to bridge the gap between the warm tone of fully hollow guitars and the sustain and feedback resistance of solid body guitars, the 335 excels at any musical application. And their style, with elegant curves and clean lines is undeniable.

Now anyone can build this icon on their first try. A difficult guitar to make from scratch, we've worked long and hard to finally bring you this guitar as one of our kits. We've taken out the guesswork, and this guitar is ready to build straight from the box.

Build this unique, high quality kit
You've seen countless Strat, Tele, and LP kits, but it's not everyday you see a 335, especially one that has the quality you're looking for. Building this style of guitar is nearly impossible for beginners, and very time consuming for an experienced builder. This kit is just as easy to build with our step-by-step instructions!

We've done the hardest parts—we glued the body to the center block, and routed for the pickups, f-holes, and hardware.

Each of our kits comes with the neck individually matched and fit to each body, for a perfect fit. No need to worry about getting the neck angle just right, we've dialed it in for you.

These kits come with top quality appointments, the tops are beautifully flamed, the body and fretboard are bound, with classic dot inlays.

We made sure our kit had all the details right—the routing is clean, the binding is straight, and the top is stunning. You don't need to spend hours fixing a kit before you even start to build.

First-time builder? No sweat.
You don't need a workshop, and there's a good chance you already own all the tools you'll need to get the job done. This kit comes with our step-by-step, beginner-friendly instructions and our highly knowledgeable staff of guitar techs are just a phone call away.

Save BIG with a Finishing Set!
Finally, you can make this guitar look amazing with the iconic colors you've always imagined—all without complicated spray equipment! ColorTone Aerosol Finishing Sets make it simple to get professional results you'll be proud of. Choose from these classic colors:

Cherry Sunburst Also sold separately
This translucent finish will highlight the flamed top of this kit, and turn the entire guitar in to a showstopper.

Red Mahogany Also sold separately
This is the cherry finish you know from vintage SGs, Juniors, and ES-335s. The translucent finish shows off the wood grain beautifully.

    Your kit includes everything you'll need:
  • Pressed laminate semi-hollow body with center block—just like the originals
  • Premium flame maple top veneer
  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Neck pocket, pickup cavities and bridge holes are all drilled and routed for the perfect placement and fit
  • Shaped mahogany neck has a 2-way truss rod installed
  • Bound granadillo fingerboard comes pre-installed with frets and traditional dot pearloid inlays
  • Peghead is ready for your personal custom shape
  • Pre-slotted nut for perfect action
  • Chrome plated hardware—from sealed tuners to strap buttons
  • Traditional tune-o-matic bridge and stop tailpiece
  • Humbucking pickups with chrome covers
  • Quality potentiometers, caps and wire
  • Output jack
  • Cream pickup rings, cover plates and accessories
  • Traditional gold top-hat bell knobs
  • Truss rod wrench
  • And we even include 2 sets of strings and an output cord

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov.


Product Instructions

335-Style Electric Guitar Kit Instructions

Downloadable assembly instructions for the 335-Style Electric Guitar Kit.

ColorTone Aerosol Finishing Set Instructions

All the steps you need to spray a perfect finish

How to shape a custom guitar peghead

Make a signature peghead! Learn how to make a custom guitar peghead that can give your guitar a unique vibe. Using a pattern, a jigsaw and a router, see how easy it is to make a peghead template and rout a custom peghead shape into your guitar's headstock, just like the professionals.

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Absolutely beautiful


Verified Buyer

With all the work already put into this kit, even so it ain't easy. You do have to beware of sanding through the top veneer, and I would suggest that you start with 600 to 800, and then proceed up to 2500; then apply THIN coats of laquer, sanding with the 2500 in between coats. This comment is a tribute to the quality of the preparation StewMac has instilled into these kits. All the wood fits perfectly, and the top shines almost mirror like.

My only problem, (and its my own fault), is the eletrics you have to stuff into the body cavity. For my arthritic fingers, it is going to be a challenge, but when completed this guitar will stand proudly among my other creations.


So far so good


Verified Buyer

Ok, the body & neck on this guitar seem of high quality to me. Binding is really pretty & mahogany back, sides, & neck are a nice offset from maple veneer top. Since this kit costs 2x more on sale than other kits, I'm assuming the raw materials are better.

I am having some trouble getting the neck to go into the mortise "straight down" as instructions say. It doesn't fit. I have an outstanding question to Stewmac & I'm sure the customer service will be good. It doesn't surprise me as wood is change shape from wherever this thing originates (Asia?)

Reading through the instructions, I did learn you have to do fret re-tap, leveling & recrowning. & polishing. So you need a fret hammer, 12 inch radius sand block, & crowning file. Not hard but you do need some special tools.

I'm curious about the pickups & thinking about upgrading them.


Like this kit but.....


Great kit but your should have a Casino version with dogear pickups too


Very good, with some caveats


Verified Buyer

My buddy and I each bought this kit, and built them more or less in parallel.
The cons: we did sunbursts with dye- not a good idea with these kits. Both kits had pretty large surface flaws in the thin veneer, and the dye wouldn't take there. The veneers real thin and easy to sand through as well. Using a colored varnish presumable would work better to cover the flaws. Both of us had to use spray paint to cover the flaws; as others have said, the instructions have some serious flaws (finishing last, wiring shows thru f-hole..)
We upgraded the tuners and pots/caps/wiring/switch.
The pros: both our necks fit perfectly, and the frets hardly needed any work. The routing for pickups/bridge/tailpiece were good. I put Lollar pickups in mine, and he used the kit pickups.
I put a P-90 at the neck, so we can't compare that, but we A/B's the Lollar vs Kit humbucker, using an A/B switch, same amp and settings. No difference!...So I'd say no need to upgrade the pickups.
Overall, a great kit, would be better with options to upgrade the electronics, and good if the instructions were improved.


Great Playing Guitar


Verified Buyer

I have only built a Ukulele before and my first guitar kit build. I found that this kit was more about the finishing aspect of guitar building, with the exception of the fret fine tuning and neck preparation. The body is completely built and ready for the neck attachment.

Both the body and neck had pretty good quality and only a couple blemishes I needed to repair. The biggest issue was one of the bridge post holes was drilled at an angle, instead of vertical to the body, making it so the bridge would not mount on the posts. I contacted StewMac and they suggested I redrill the hole, or if I wanted, they could send out a new kit. I opted for trying to redial. I filled the existing hole with a dowel, then carefully redrilled. It was very close and I could adjust the hole slightly by angling the bit and the bridge then fit snugly. Not too difficult, but a little annoying. I strongly suggest after mounting neck and before starting any finish work, to test the fitment of the bridge and tailpiece. Even string the high and low E strings to see how they travel over the neck.

My first attempt of the sunburst finish was put on too thick and it start to crackle after a couple days. I decided to redo it and sanded off the paint and started over. I used Amber, Cherry Red, and Mahogany Red and am very happy with the result. I then put on 12 coats of clear satin.

The hardware and electronics provided are not high quality and fine if you just want a guitar build project and create something that "works". I replaced all hardware and electronics in the kit and this guitar sounds great. If you do upgrade the pots to CTS, you will need to increase the mounting hole size in the body. I used a rat tail file to do so, and kept them in round, pretty easy.

I am very happy with the final result and feel it looks, sounds, and plays great. I learned a lot about guitar setup, nut, bridge, neck adjustments. I even researched pickup adjustments and got a huge improvement by adjusting the individual poles. Great project with a great result.

I would have given it a 5 star rating if it weren't for the misaligned bridge hole.



100 percent satisfied


I upgraded all hardware and will do the same with the pickups and wiring. EXTRA STARS for the support staff.


Ok for a beginner, but beware of the instructions


Verified Buyer

This was a good kit for the wood. I pitched the pickups, jack, switch, knobs, and wiring and made it a little more high class. Even at that, I had to sand two large glue globs off of the top that weren't visible until I applied the first stain. These globs weren't anywhere around the binding; they were just big blobs on the top near the two F holes.

I would ignore two things about the instructions. (1) The instructions would have you assemble the instrument, then finish it. That's ridiculous. Finish the neck and body first (leave any finish off of the neck joint), and then assemble it. (2) Do not follow the wiring diagram. If you do, you'll find you have visible wires through the F holes. There are plenty of wiring diagrams via Google for an ES-335 that show you how to wire AROUND the F holes. It looks much more professional that way.




I chose this kit... had challenges and asked for assistance, my dealing with stewmac was very positive. Am so happy with customer interaction that I ordered more stuff (nut, tuners, tools) and added the membership. I like buying from people I like.


Ideal for practice


Verified Buyer

It became practice of various work such as sunburst wood staining, head shaping, inlay production.
The production process was very fun.
As a product, some parts are not colored due to the adhesive attached to the body, or the frets are uneven if the frets are not firmly fitted, but it is important to enjoy them rather than seeking perfection I thought.
Thank you!


Good instructions with a Chinese kit


Having shopped all of the similar kits available I was very excited to see stewmac offering their own kit for a semihollow guitar. When it arrived I was stunned to see that it was the same generic Chinese kit offered by half a dozen online sellers. Though I appreciate the time stewmac put into the manual it read more like a shopping catalog for other stewmac products. Though stewmac states they’ve done all the hard work like neck fit and fretting it’s actually not something done by stewmac in house whatsoever and that outsourced QC failed to notice chipout in the fingerboard hat was caught under the frets. Good service and I was able to return but was not impressed with the fit/finish for what is offered in near identical form (sometimes even with bound f holes) for $180-$225. If you follow stewmac’s instructions and use the suggested products (I would suggest springing for higher end hardware and electronics all around) I have no doubt you will have a great instrument.

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