Brown Tape

Brown Tape

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Brown Tape 3/4"


Item # 0584
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Brown Tape 1/2"


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Brown Tape 1/4"


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Brown Binding Tape, Set of 3

Brown Binding Tape, Set of 3

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StewMac Brown Binding Tape with Guitar Shop Tape Deck

StewMac Brown Binding Tape with Guitar Shop Tape Deck

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Brown Tape

About This Item

Our favorite brown tape is back!
For years we carried "brown tape" and it became a beloved favorite by builders and repair people alike, but after many years the manufacturer ceased its production. Since then, we've been searching the globe trying to find a reliable source for this fantastic tape.

Our "new" brown tape has the same tack, durability, and strength you remember. While it's less "stretchy" than our orange tape, our brown binding tape is ultra-high tack and ultra tough. You can pull very hard on this tape without breaking, making it perfect for installing wood bindings and other clamping jobs.

It's great for fret work too.
For many, our brown tape was also a favorite for fretwork. One application was tough enough to withstand the filing, buffing and polishing involved in most fret jobs and fret level/dress work. The orange tape is thinner, which is perfect for taping a fretboard when you need to get closer to the base of the fret.

Not sure which tape you need?
We still love and use our orange Binding Tape too. The stretchiness is great for getting into tight spots and getting extra pressure. The lower tack also makes it safer for finishes and easier to remove (but you should never leave any tape on a guitar finish for an extended length of time). It's also great for masking when finishing too.

When using wood binding, the brown tape is the right choice for the extra tack and pull you need to hold the rigid wood binding in place. If you are using celluloid or plastic bindings, the orange Binding Tape is the perfect tape to hold the flexible binding strips in place.

New tape sizes for every job.
Our old brown tape only came in one size—now we're thrilled to offer three sizes for any job you have. We have 3/4", 1/2", and 1/4" widths that will let you find the right size for the job.

This is a great tape for protecting a finish during neck or bridge for removal (if you are working on a delicate finish, we recommend using our Low Tack Protective Tape first), masking a fretboard for fret work, and of course installing binding. Get all the tapes and our StewMac Guitar Shop Tape Deck to work like a professional now!

    Ready for any job
  • Tough paper back to stay strong through the job
  • Super high-tack to stay in place
  • Versatile widths to cover any job

Get the tape the works better than you remember!

Pro Tip! When binding a guitar, when the glue is dry, remove the tape slowly and gently—pull at a 45 degree angle to the grain and lightly rub it with your index finger. Warming the tape with a blow dryer or softening the adhesive with naptha will also help it lift away easily without pulling up wood fibers.

#0584 3/4" wide, 60 yard roll (19mm x 55m)
#0585 1/2" wide, 60 yard roll (12.7mm x 55m)
#0586 1/4" wide, 60 yard roll (6.53mm x 55m)


Product Instructions

How to Install Bindings

Overview of binding, purfling, and other instrument trim, including binding recommendations and installation techniques.

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Fantastic worth every penny! Heavy with very sharp cutters.