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De-Glue Goo

De-Glue Goo

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De-Glue Goo

About This Item

Amazing solvent dissolves waterbase glues! A labor-saving way to strip old dried hide glue, Titebond® or white glue from neck joint surfaces, fingerboards and bridges before regluing.

Clean gluing surfaces help prevent future joint failure in your instrument repair jobs.
Use it to remove glue joint squeeze-out, too.

It's easy: Apply a thick layer of De-Glue Goo onto the old glue surface, wait 10-30 minutes, scrape off the sludge, and let the wood dry thoroughly.

"It doesn't affect finishes, so for glue cleanup it's fantastic. The nice thing is that it won't seep into glue joints, so you can use it around a bridge or neck reset or anything like that."
–Rick Turner, Rick Turner Guitar Company

Water soluble, non-toxic. Contains mild acetic acid.

8-ounce bottle.

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Good for builders, super for repair


We've also been using De-Glue-Goo for years. It's a basic tool in the repair shop. Rarely if ever affects finish, it helps remove all water-based glues including hide, PVA, etc. and makes clean-up after gluing (bridges, cracks, headstocks, whatever) much easier and more complete. Beware that it can darken unfinished wood, especially redwood, cedar, and spruce.


Highly recommended


Verified Buyer

I have been using this product for years -- I'm glad to see Stew Mac is now carrying it! -- and have found it to be a godsend. It gives me reliably clean joints without worrying about whether I've sanded away original wood. That's what we want, isn't it? It works quickly for hide glue, and often requires multiple applications for PVA, but it works, and doesn't hurt finish.

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