Golden Age Body for Strat

Golden Age Body for Strat

Golden Age Body for Strat Alder


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Golden Age Body for Strat Swamp Ash

Swamp Ash

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Golden Age Body for Strat Mahogany


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Golden Age Body for Strat

About This Item

The most consistent, top quality Strat® replacement body on the market today. After years of feedback from builders, we've revamped our bodies to include the best of vintage style with several important tweaks modern builders have asked for. Let's face it, Strats are probably the most popular and mod-friendly guitars ever built. That's why we've made our bodies ready to go, with high-quality woods and thoughtful features to get you building and playing in no time.

Make your signature guitar
Even if you don't have a shop full of tools, you'll make a great guitar on your first try with one of our bodies. They're easy to customize and let you build your guitar, your way.

Also, there's no logo hiding in the guitar cavities. After putting your imagination and soul into building an instrument, shouldn't it be your name on it, not ours? We want you to take the credit, that's why we've left the bodies unmarked.

If you want vintage or modern curves, these bodies are just what you're looking for. While it looks and plays perfectly out of the box, we've left the body slightly oversized in key spots so you can dial it in to vintage or modern specs if you so choose.

You can use the hardware you love. We've routed for a standard tremolo cavity, but left the screw/stud locations undrilled so that you can install the bridge you want from vintage 6 screw to more modern models. The bodies are routed for three single coils, but you can modify them to fit any pickups you want. When you want to modify the body, we're here to help. We have routing templates for a variety of tremolos and pickups to do the job right.

    The specs you need
  • Top quality Swamp Ash, Alder, or Mahogany body wood
  • Pre-routed for three Strat-style single coils
  • Drilled and routed for output jack and control cavity
  • Tremolo cavity routed
  • Bridge stud and screw locations undrilled
  • Neck pocket cleanly routed with mounting holes started
  • Neck pocket dimensions: 3" (76.20mm) long x 2-3/16" (55.56mm) wide x 5/8" (15.88mm) deep
  • All wiring channels routed
  • No logo on the body—it's your build!
  • Ready to final shape, sand, and finish

Great for your next project. We've made it easy from start to finish.
Need a neck too? We've got you covered. We have ready to go, licensed, pre-finished necks that'll drop right into these bodies with just a few minutes of fine tuning the neck pocket. You'll love how fast you'll be playing your new guitar with these custom parts.

Start your guitar without limitations!

Choice woods for Golden Age Solidbodies
Swamp Ash: We've hand selected the highest quality, lightweight, and toneful Southern swamp ash for our bodies. They have the striking grain patterns that makes vintage Fenders look so stunning. Bodies are three piece, grain matched.
Average weight: 4.00 pounds (1.8 kg)

Alder: Fender's main wood from the 1960s, alder is a big part of what we know as the vintage Strat sound. Golden Age alder has handsome subdued grain like the best originals. These bodies are two piece, joined on center.
Average weight: 3.50 pounds (1.6 kg)

Mahogany: Many players love the more modern sound and feel of mahogany. Now you can have the midrange tone you want with the iconic Stratocaster look. These bodies are two piece, joined on center.
Average weight: 4.10 pounds (1.9 kg)

Golden Age Solidbodies

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