Honduran Mahogany Body AA-Grade Blank, Slip-Matched and Unjoined

Honduran Mahogany Body AA-Grade Blank, Slip-Matched and Unjoined


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Honduran Mahogany Body AA-Grade Blank, Slip-Matched and Unjoined

About This Item

Save money on our favorite mahogany!
Here's a deal you don't find everyday: we've secured a stash of slip-matched, AA-grade Honduran Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla). These versatile blanks are two piece, unjoined and are 1-7/8" thick!

We were able to offer this desirable, easy to work with mahogany at an incredible price.

While these have a few pin knots and other cosmetic blemishes, this is great quality Honduran Mahogany—especially if you're sunbursting or using opaque finishes. At this price we knew that you would love them, and we couldn't resist grabbing as many as we could.

And, most of these extra thick blanks have some light flame or beautiful ribbon figuring.

Honduran Mahogany is a joy to work with
These blanks are very lightweight and straight-grained, making them very easy to work with. There's a reason why Honduran Mahogany is a premier wood for electric guitars. This genuine mahogany is extremely stable, dense, and it works like a dream. It sands easily, routed edges stay crisp and sharp, and it accepts stains and finish extremely well.

The classic set neck guitars of the '50s and '60s relied on the thick rich sound of Honduran Mahogany for this signature tone. The sustain is unrivaled for this wood. It has a well-deserved reputation for creating a superbly balanced instrument.

Extra thickness gives you some nice options—Why not make your perfectly matching control cavity covers, tremolo back plates, and switch covers out of veneers you cut from the extra thickness these blanks give you.

Don't let this deal pass you by! This wood won't last at this price!

Each half approximately 17.5" x 7.1" x 1-7/8" (444.5mm x 180.3mm x 47.4mm)

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