Five-Star Bluegrass Banjo Neck

Five-Star Bluegrass Banjo Neck

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Five-Star Bluegrass Banjo Neck Curly Maple

Curly Maple

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Five-Star Bluegrass Banjo Neck Mahogany


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Five-Star Bluegrass Banjo Neck

About This Item

High quality, ready for your custom peghead
These one-piece necks have matched "ears" to accommodate your peghead design up to 3-3/4" wide. We've done the difficult machine work, including the heel profile and peghead handstop, and the upper surfaces are sanded flat. The necks are ready for your final shaping, sanding and finishing.

The heel shape fits our Five-Star bluegrass banjo pot, or similar 11" (279mm)-diameter Mastertone-style banjo rim with one-piece resonator flange. It will not fit a Gibson® "tube and plate" rim or a straight-sided rim such as our Old-Time banjo pot.

  • Width at the nut: 1-3/16" (30.16mm)
  • Peghead width: 3-3/4" (95.25mm)
  • Truss rod slot: 7/32" x 7/16" (5.56mm x 11.11mm)
  • Fits our 18" Hot Rod Truss Rod

The 5th string peghole is not drilled, and the fingerboard and peghead veneer are not included.

Mahogany or flamed hard maple.

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a good neck


Verified Buyer

The listing is for a "curly" neck. The one I got was not , only slightly , not distinct curls & only in the mid portion of the neck. The curls that was there didn't take stain. If I was using it on a re-neck of one that was broken , I would return it. I kept it because it didn't matter that much if the curly was very mild. It worked for what I was using it for.
I have purchased these in the past & they were nice & curly.
But, the heel cut was accurate , which was very important. Over all , a good neck.


As good as it gets


Verified Buyer

This is the second neck I have bought. The mahogany is first rate and the machining is flawless. The edges of the neck are just wide enough to have room for binding without having to rout the egdes of the finger board. The flange cut is precise enough to fit to the pot without alteration. And the peghead dimensions are just big enough to cut out any style peghead without wasting a lot of wood. I hope this product remains in stock for a long time because I intend to buy several more in the future.


Mahogany Bluegrass Banjo Neck


Verified Buyer

I get necks from a few different sources. Excellent workmanship but found the neck a little narrow. I like to use .060 binding and I'm unable with this neck. Even .040 was a little tight. I made it work but would not purchase another unless the specs were changed. An extra .060- .080 would make me a repeat customer for this item


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